Pink Meme

  I created this meme of an old lady wearing a bright pink dress on street.

It was photoshopped of course. Pink was seen as a girlish and very feminine color. There was a gender convention excited for a long time, and an age convention as well. There was always invisible social rules apply to old people: the way they should behave, the job they can do, also the proper clothes for them to wear.

Under the original picture of the old lady which I will link down below, the author gives a very touching quote: “But, I am an old lady.” People automatically cage themselves as they gain ages. Pink was seen on little girls very often, in teenagers too (in different dressing style though). However, it is a fact that as girls grow older, they wear pink lesser and lesser. Because pink just isn’t an adult color. Even though the people who like pink would be “remind” by others that they are not proper for this childish and girlish color anymore.

People should be able to wear whatever they want in any age they want, as long as the sizes fit.



“‘But I’m an Old Lady.”.” Advanced Style, 17 May 2016,

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