bridge project 05: FAC(similie)


As we compromise acting skills of actors who follow scripts in Hollywood, we give people to act for their own a different name: performance artists. Performance artists have different ways to express their feelings, by that matter, there are different medium to record their performance. The self-portrait is my way to format the different ladies appear in my dream. Also as a photographer, I make zines for people to see my work. How to separate reality and imagination if they are both stuck in the little frame of photos? I watched way too many movies before I go home—before my visa expired because I have way too much time to do so. When I close my eyes, I’m in a different body every night. When I open my eyes, I see different characters every single time. If only I can become a “character” or the bodies in my dream are never going to have a chance to show their faces. Then I did. At the same time, there is a place I would be away from the characters—the street. I see pigeons, grey, black, white, everywhere in New York City. They all look so similar together, though every single one is different. Groups of pigeons have their preference: some groups like to fly over the water, some groups like to pick bread on the group. I turned these into a zine, an object that is readable and easy to pass along. The pigeons are the reality.

I am Silvia Neverland by the way.


Nikura is an aggregation of unreality, darkness, dream and a blind heart. My beginning was full of energy and creativity. My starting piece from each class is full of my personality from the experience of my past life while I slowly lost my intention which leads my style flow to a flat academism. The instruction was loose which the artwork is violating, and the rules are heavy the artwork is right and square. They were both ways to work, but makes very different efforts. The First Studio project was just selfies, and that could’ve gone many different directions and it had. I was very into costume and makeup of all time, and I’m more hanging over to be performance art. Therefore the first project was the perfect assignment for me at that time. And the final project of Studio Class pulls me out from my current self to look into future. I got to research about Cindy Sherman and being inspired by her art and life. My target is to step into different art departments. I should be excited about the unknown and I would. After watching the others’ presentation give me new thoughts as well: maybe I shall consider being a Parsons drop out. Of course, only if I find a strong direction about my artistry.

Jun Zheng Parsons 2022 Fashion design

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