For this project, I was inspired by the flexibility of the wire and the function of human ears. I just finished my space project of working with wire—- we were using wire to form a human portrait by the way—and I figured out wire can actually transform into any shape. I do have piercings on my ear, however, I am really sensitive with material—and iron would not be an option to go through my piercing. Then I started to experience ways to make it into an ear cliff, which would embrace the outer edge of my ear. I added cotton stripes to add a decoration and warmth to it, and I am pretty impressed with the final results. I love the idea of spending $0 on this project, it required me to push my imagination and creativity. During the process of making this project, twinning the yellow string onto the wire was the most enjoyable for me, the continuous action of touching the soft material was quite satisfying. Form the overall shape was the most challenging and also the most satisfied part. I learned that I’m not lacking ideas, I can do things only once I gain the energy.

some detail shots

Jun Zheng Parsons 2022 Fashion design

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