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This is one of the advertisements For Love&Lemons done for its new collection launched in collaboration with Victoria Secret. A female body wearing pink lingerie is shown in this image. Gender and sexuality of the body are emphasized in this image by giving the female model feminine underclothes and also showing her body lines as well as most parts of her skin in a sexual position.  The brand For Love&Lemons identified itself as a designer brand that produces feminine clothing.  The body in this advertisement is used as a tool to show the concept of the brand. The lying gesture was put in a private space, which made this image more like the capture of a real moment of a woman who is waiting for something. Also, the set up of the space is all pink and soft, which are all stereotypes of being feminine. The creator’s intention of promoting sexy lingerie while described as feminine also reflects the social situation. Joanne Entwistle stated in the chapter “The dressed body” from the book Real Bodies: A Sociological Introduction that “Thus, the social situation imposes itself upon the body and constrains it to act in particular ways. Indeed the body becomes a symbol of the situation. ”[1] Through this sentence, the author clarifies that the way bodies act as well as the meanings they represent are largely determined by culture, and also reflects the restrictions or demands of the society. The relation between lingerie, feminine and sexy is influenced by the relation between body and social situation. This advertisement shows the current society’s belief that being sexy is one feature of a feminine body. It demonstrates parts of how society defines female bodies.

[1]Evans, Mary, and Ellie Lee. Real Bodies a Sociological Introduction. New York: Palgrave, 2002.

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