Bridge project 02: reVerb

Chaeyeon Roh

October 4, 2018

[LS] Int Seminar 1: Fake

Carter, Leia


*True: T, False: F

T: It was Sunday about eight o’clock, but you are in hurry. Right after checking time, you start to rush into the door.

F: You are lying on your bed. You usually stay in your room on weekends, but you are thinking about going for a walk. You look at the window. The sky is clear, and the leaves flicker in the gentle breeze. These things wake you up. You get ready in a minute and go out.

T: You realize that you have a date today. By the time you got out of your home, only ten minutes had remained for you to get to the restaurant.

F: You are in the middle of the crowd. You are always in the middle of the crowd when you are in New York. You are alone, but at the same time you are not. Nobody talks to you, but people are always around you. These things make you feel lonesome.

T: Everything halts at the traffic light: passing cars, bicycles, skaters and people on the road. “I don’t think I can make it”, you think nervously. Even the traffic lights are always red today.

F: Since everyone was just crossing the street, you decide to cross. But you did not see a car coming. You almost got hit by a car but fortunately the car just passes by you.

T: The traffic light turns red, and then white. While everybody was crossing light-hearted, you rush across the street.

F: You never wondered who the girl with short blond hair in front of you is. But as soon as she turns back, you realize that she is your high school mate. You do not say “hi” to her. Neither does she. She just steps forward. She does not seem to remember you at all. You follow her, but unintentionally. Looking at her as you walk, you think of your hometown, your little cozy bed, your best friend, and teachers in high school, which suddenly make you reminisce about your school days.

T: You are standing in front of the pole. You are lost on some unfamiliar street. Your phone is dead, and the only thing you rely on is the sign in front of you.

F: You turn left and go straight. Everybody walking on the street seems to be in hurry. Following many signs on the road, people are all busily heading to their destinations.

T: The woman in front of you seems to in a rush. She drops her phone accidentally. You almost step on her when she bend down.

F: Suddenly, an alarm rings on your phone, and you see the text that says “I’m sorry but I don’t think I can make it to today’s appointment.” While you are checking your phone, you bump into a woman in front of you. You apologize, but she does not seem to be bothered.

T: The text message makes you disappointed. But on the other hand, you figure that you can slow down and take a deep breath. You stop in front of the giant green plant and look around. F: Suddenly it begins to rain. You are surprised by the sudden thunder and lighting. You see nothing but plants with big, wide leaves in front of you. You bend down and pluck a leaf.

F: Suddenly it begins to rain. you are surprised by the sudden thunder and lighting. You see nothing but plants with big, wide leaves in front of you. You bend down and pluck a leaf.

T: The gloomy weather made the scenery of Manhattan seem dark and dusky. It made everything dull. You want to get out of this place and go somewhere else. You think of a place where trees, blue sky and a singing bird are.


F: On your way to school, a homeless guy talks to you. He says he really need 20 bucks to get his home where his family is. You stand there for a while, and decides to give 20 dollars to him. But he runs away as soon as he get it. You try to catch him, but after he cross the street, the red light on the traffic sign turns on.

T: Maybe you should just take the subway to get home. You go down to the 23 St subway station. You just missed the last one, and you have to wait for the next one.


F: The cloud begins to clear away. You are still heading to the restaurant you are supposed to be in right now. You take the subway to downtown because you have not eaten anything since this morning. You think maybe the best selling dishes in that restaurant could soothe your depressing mood away.

T: Because you are hungry, you dive into a restaurant next door. Although food was not as good as I expected, it warms you up.


F: You get to seat with a girl in your age because otherwise you have to wait in line for so long. Then you ask the waiter for recommendations. For the first time of your day, you feel like taking much. The girl and you become friends. You start to hang out with her instantly.

T: It is Saturday. You feel like going for a shop. You go around the stores but nothing makes you want to buy things. There are tons of popular brands but nothing interests you. You look around and see lots of people holding shopping bags, but still you do not want to buy things. You go around the stores again with your empty hands.


F: People in Soho are all dressed up. Walking in an such a fancy city called New York, you see the rich spending their dollars on clothes and others.

T: This afternoon the sunlight seems warm and soft. You find that people walking by are more relaxing. Then you think afternoon might be a good time for some tea.

F: Later in the afternoon, more people finish their work and start hang out on the street. You can tell tried, relax, boring and all different kinds of feelings from their face.

T: You stop, and you say goodbye to her. You get her instagram id, and you watch her going back to her home.

F: You are still walking on the street alone, following the street sign that says “AHEAD”.

T: You finally return to your cozy little dorm. Lying on your bed, you think about today. “It was a nice day. I met and saw a lot of interesting and friendly people.”

F: When you arrived at your dorm, you are so tired you cannot even stand still. You have not drank a cup of water today. All of a sudden, you faint with the flashing orange light in front of you.

T: “This is New York”. Maybe the city is not as cold as I thought it would be. You turn off the light.

F: People in New York hardly talk to you unless you are a famous celebrity or something. If you say “hi” to a stranger, you get lots of cold looks. I hope people are more friendly.

T: You called a cab 20 minutes ago, but it has not arrived. You give up and wave at other yellow cabs passing by the pole, but they just keep going. You are a bit annoyed. You decide to walk all the way to your place.

F: You hear the highschool girls in volleyball shirts laughing on the street very loud, which makes you feel lonesome and depressed.

T: The smell on the street is funny, too. You smell dust, food, garbages, sewers, and rarely the perfume from the shop windows.

F: Walking everywhere sometimes feels nice and sometimes feel awful. But today, it feels nice walking all the way to the shopping place.

T: You walk all the way through the park over to a mall. You think you might have taken a subway or a cab, because you wanted to get there as fast as you could.

F: You pet the dog on the left side. She looks old, but clean and kind. It seems like their owner take good care of them.

T: You start to feel tired of living in this city. Suddenly, you want to get out of this busy place. You are pretty fed up. You look up when you are fed up. The sky is gray and buildings are tall. You feel so small.

F: You are still walking. Once you have crossed three crosswalks, you wonder if there is an end to this endless road. You go forward without turning right or left. You do not know where you are. However, you just keep going without knowing the destination.

T: You are lying on the grass field. Lying still, you see the clouds moving. You never realize that the cloud move that fast. You think maybe you have been working so busy you need to slow down a little bit.

F: There is no one around you. No traffic noise, and no one is talking. You are finally at a place you have always wanted to be. But you feel like something is missing. Then you realize that you got used to the city life. You are used to hearing those loud traffic noises and tons of people laughing and talking on the street. You just got used to it. People like to be in a place where they are used to it. You get up and walk back to your home.

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