A fashion show in a sports field

A fashion show in a sports field


A field is surrounded by millions of people who came to see the show. The stadium is filled with the sound of people talking and cheering. The fashion designer set a sports field as a stage for the fashion show because the clothes are inspired by athletes. The show started at night. The lights were on, brightening the runway where models are walking. The whole space is cold because it is outside, and the wind blowing through. 

In the middle of the field, there are models walking instead of  sports players playing games. The models are walking fast with a strong facial expression that represent passion and enthusiastic mind of athletes. Around the runway, there are some sports equipments like huddles, baseball bats, soccer balls, and tennis rackets, which evoke various types of sports games. The field is so huge, which allows a lot of people to join and make the event bigger. Also, the field is located in the middle of the surrounding seats where visitors sit so that the show can be viewed from multiple directions.

Some parts of the clothes that the model is wearing are made of an actual sportswear of soccer, baseball, basketball, badminton, and tennis because the designer’s intention is to represent the idea of sports and fashion that show the spirit of athletes.

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