Bridge project #4: MEME


Stereotype: Gender roles in workplaces

  • This topic is important to me personally because my mother is especially interested in this topic since she is the only female dentist in her dental hospital. Since I was young, I have heard a lot about gender equality issues and negative impacts from those stereotypes.
  • Gender stereotype can cause unequal and unfair treatment depending on a person’s gender in workplaces. This could make getting a job or promotion easier for certain gender, cause unequal pay or value, and affect how we are expected to act, speak, dress based on our assigned gender in workplaces.

  • Gender stereotype comes from old times when the role of women in society was to stay home and take care of their children while men were in work. Although the viewpoint toward women have changed these days, the custom still affects women’s life both directly and indirectly.


How does your “meme” smash this particular stereotype?

  • I challenged gender stereotypes in workplaces that are mostly occupied by men. Some people are quick to assume the nurses or kindergarten teachers are women, and doctors, lawyers, pilots, and engineers are men. I tried to debunk this perspective by saying that the women are a lawyer, a doctor, and an engineer, which are mostly considered as men’s job. Furthermore, I drew women in different races to convey this gender stereotype is a global issue.


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