Project 3: Masquerade

  1. Research

Designer: Alexander Wang

Alexander Wang is an American fashion designer famous for his urban designs. At first, he used bright colors like orange and pink, but eventually he started to use black fabrics. Just like the fabric that he uses, he often wears simple black clothes, which became iconic.

Artist: Andy Warhol

Andy Warhol, Marilyn Monroe, 1967. Factory Additions, New York.  Portfolio of ten screenprints

Andy Warhol often used silk screen printmaking techniques to create artworks because he intended to create multiple artworks like a machine, which becomes possible when he uses silk screen printmaking. After Marilyn Monroe’s death, he started to create lots of artworks of her face with diverse colors. Not only Monroe, but he also depicted the faces of famous people around the world because he wanted to adapt pop culture into his artworks. The colors and techniques he used are very vibrant and unique. And is an iconic style until now.

Self portrait done in Warhol’s style_practice

2. Process

Adobe Photoshop cc 2018 used:

3. Final photo


4. Artist’s statement

The artwork presents a collaborations between an artist and a fashion designer, Andy Warhol and Alexander Wang. The work consists of four photos with different colors, which reminds of Andy Warhol’s silk screen printing technique.

I dressed as a designer Alexander Wang. I wore a basic black T-shirt without any accessories to add simplicity that represents Wang’s style. During the photo shoot, I was wearing necklaces and had hair band on my wrist, but I removed all of them using photoshop and added “a” that represents his brand. Wang does not have noticeable characteristics other than black color so I added “a” to hint who the designer is.

The artist is Andy Warhol, a pop artist during 20th century known for his distinctive style. Many students in my class easily noticed that it is him by looking at the colors that I used and the composition of photos that reminds of Warhol’s major work called Marilyn Monroe. Warhol actually worked for many celebrities and people who are famous around the world, and I think if he was alive until these days, I think he sure have done artworks of famous designers like Alexander Wang and others in this style.

The most common feedback and I received from my peers was that I photoshopped the image well portray the style of Andy Warhol, and so that the artist was clearly noticeable. However, some students commented that it was a bit hard to know who the designer was just by looking at what I have done. Like I mentioned before, I think it is because Wang does not have a distinctive style other than wearing black and having long black hair, which is pretty common. What I could have done more would be to paint my hair black maybe make the logo “a” more noticeable.

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