In-class assignment, last chance for feedback (Dec. 4th)

1)  Read the following article: Damaging Your iPhone, Accidentally, on Purpose (Links to an external site.)

– How you ever felt this way about an object you’ve owned?

Yes I have. I accidentally spilled water on my macbook and ipad last month so I had to buy new ones because Apple said that I need to pay over $1,000 dollars. So I bought a brand new ipad and macbook with apple care, which was more expensive. I did not really broke them on purpose to buy a newer version because it was already a new one (they’ve been only 8 months). But for my iphone, I had iphone 8 but when iphone 11 came out I instantly wanted to buy a new one even if my iphone 8 was still usable. Because of the new phone and all the advertisements, it is true that I became more careless with my phone that I already had.

– How does your final project challenge having this mentality towards objects?

I am making a pouch using jeans. There are a lot of pouches and hand bags that are designed well but for me I don’t necessarily go and buy a new pouch if the one that I already own is still usable. Also, since I am using Jeans it is washable so if it gets messy I can always reuse it by doing the wash, which is a sustainable way to keep an object for a long time.

2) Is there anything else you would like feedback on from me this week, before final presentations next week?

You have answered all my questions. Thank you!

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