Long Life Design Final Project + DENIM POUCH BAG

Final Project check-list for December 11th:

1) LONG LIFE DESIGN an object or practice that you commit to maintaining for the next 10 years.

  • A denim pouch made of worn-out jeans


3) MATERIAL SYSTEMS MAP/MODEL Graphic diagram or 3D model that illustrates the systems (interactions of air/climate, water, energy, other materials) that your object or practice involves over 10 years.

–  A summarizing paragraph explaining how the design can have a ten year life given what you have shown in your map (why it will still be useful to you and how the systems you have mapped could enable it to last)

This systems map explains how the way that denim is made impact the environment and how I reused the material to reduce the impact. Jeans are made of cottons and lot of water is used for cotton farming, which is harmful for the environment. Also the dyeing process is toxic to the environment as well. My solution to the problem is reusing the jeans instead of throwing them away, adding more to the landfills. Reusing denim and making a pouch greatly reduces the environmental impact, first because I don’t have to buy a new pouch and second, it is sustainable since it is easily washable, which helps it lasts longer than the plastic pouch that I have been using.

4) PERFORMATIVE DEMONSTRATION: Your process must be demonstrated. Create an illustrated, step-by-step “how to” photo series, video, or graphic illustration of the 10-year maintenance of your practice/object. (12 step maximum) KEEP IT SIMPLE.


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