Core 4D Seminar – Narrative story

Since I struggled with starting a narrative with topics given in class I decided to stick with one topic, which is banana and make stories based on that.

Narrative –

One day Anna(the main character)’s mom finds a packed banana in her room. She wondered why because her daughter Anna never really liked banana. In a moment some weird thing flew to her and took the banana and hid under the bed. She freaks out and tries to run away but stops and think what that was. Beginning to think about what that weird thing could be, she hears the sound of someone eating banana under the bed. She bends down and look for where the sound is coming from.

Under the bed there was a baby monkey munching the banana that she was holding. She freaks out again and calls her daughter Anna.

“Hello? Mom?”

She sighs first and asks her why a baby monkey is in her room. Anna answers correctly without panicking. “I took the monkey to my house cause I want to take care of him” She had been hiding a baby monkey that she found on the street and took it home because it looked so hungry and lost.

Mom becomes extremely mad and yells at her to stop fussing and grabs the little monkey and throws it out of the window.

“The monkey is gone now and you come back home right now.”

She hands up.

By doing this exercise I learned that it is helpful to have a word as a topic and start creating narrative based on that. Creativity is required to make an interesting narrative that is not too cliche.

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