Seminar Proposal

  1. a Pop-up book/Tunnel book with characters in narrative 

The last picture is an oil painting called “Paradise” which I did for one of the seminar assignments. I am interested in serene texture that nature has such has the three pictures shown above. I love natural colors and layers of texture that it creates. Inspired by the image of mountains on the top right corner, I thought it would be interesting to make a pop-up or a tunnel book with multiple layers for my project 1.



2. Masks

The photos are from Gucci fashion show. I used to watch runway videos on youtube for fun and I thought it’s interesting how fashion models wear masks that matches with their outfits, especially spikes in different length and position. When I watched lecture videos on masks, I did not have much knowledge on contemporary mask designs; I only knew that masks that are used traditionally in plays. For project 2, I would like to create a mask that matches with the current clothes I have (matching colors or accessories). I think this would take longer than project 1 because I don’t have much experience creating a mask specifically designed for myself or others.


3. Paper Installation


I want to take a further step beyond creating just a 3D work. I would like to utilize a space to install my work; it doesn’t necessarily have to be a large space like the image above. I thought the lecture from Jason Gandy was really interesting – converting a small apartment into the inside of a boat and his exploration on finding a new space in his house to turn it into artworks etc.






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