Materiality + Assembly: Tania Ursomarzo – Journal #2

Field trip to Feit Shoe store on 2 Prince street.

All of the wood in the store were plywood. The wood shaft formed in a frame structure was plywood and metals attached to it. The staircase-like plywood shelf in the back where they store shoes are known to be “sturdy.”

Materials used in the store were:

  • glass for the windows and mirror
  • plywood for the frame, shoe displays, cashier desk, and as a holder for shoes behind the shaft.
  • metal frames are used for structuring the wood frame/to keep it standing

This corner store was really nice and I liked it because it had lots of wood, mirrors, glass windows and minimal colours. I learned that plywood is one of the strongest types of wood and that is because it has lots of layers.

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