Materiality and Assembly: Tania Ursomarzo – Field Trip (Soho)

Trip to different stores in Soho and discussed the interiors.

Aesop Nolita

232 Elizabeth St.

– Australian skin care

– different designers

– used recycled newspaper bounded like books

-there was music inside to create a cozy and warm environment

-dimmed lights

-concrete flooring

Claus Porto

230 Elizabeth St.

Soap From Portugal – very aesthetically pleasing to my eyes. Newly opened soap store in Soho




-Brass lighting fixtures


-Painted and milled

-Created ruled lines on the cork

-Jeremy Barber


The New Museum

235 Bowery

-Expanded metal mesh


-Created a pattern with cuts in metal in a grid

-Cut them then pull the sheet, sheets become openings

-Gage : thickness of the material


Storefront for Art and Architecture

97 Kenmare St.

Designed by Steven Holl

-Metal that pivots opens when exhibitions metal framing

-Concrete panels

-Open for exhibitions and showings


575 Broadway

-Opened for fashion shows/showings/runway

-Two layers of plastics

-The lines give the idea of distortion

-Same material up the wall to the ceiling

-Zebra wood on the floor found in Central and South America

-Expanded metal mesh for the shelf for projector

-Solid resin for shoe display shelves

-Hanging display metal cases are in tracks so they can be moved to different locations in the store

Apple Store Soho

103 Prince St.

-Lamination glass stairs

-Thickness 2.5″

-Lime stone floor

-Aluminum sheet like the macs computer anodizen aluminum columns

-Prevents from oxidizing; Matte finishes (the type of metal we have on our Apple Macbooks)



110 Prince St.

-Fiber board


-Lacquered finish

-Matte finish with paint; the more paint the more glossy

-The display table is lacquered

-Wall display is laminated

-Linoleum floor feels like rubber but it’s tougher

-Shiegeru ban Japanese architect

Mulberry House 

290 Mulberry Street

-Brick construction

-Joints in the corners of windows

-L shape looks like zig zag

-Making of it: concrete in the back and masonry in the front

10 Bond St.


-Clay cast and fired and glazed

-Unfinished Corten oxidized steel

-Metal is protecting itself from the environment

40 Bond St.

-Herzog demeurn Swiss architect

-The patina iridescent finish on the stainless steel

-The graffiti screen is cast aluminum screen (French)

41 Bond St.

-Walls are stone

-Masonry stone cut into

-Bluestone from PA

-Similar to slate and limestone

-A Hone finish

-Rockface finish

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