Bridge project02: reVerb captions


Real: I came across these multiple pop art prints of Chris Cornell – an American rock star placed next to each other. As I took the picture, I do not know who it is. Then I came home and search the small note of the print and found out Chris Cornell is a famous singer who commited suicide last year due to depression.

False: This is an art piece by Andy Warhol printed in poster size and sticked on the street just to let pedestrians enjoy the art of one the most influential artists in the world.

Real: This sticker is found on a postal box on 6th Ave on a lovely Saturday afternoon.

False: The artist recognizes the fake masks that we wear to society everyday for social networking and making a living. The message “BE REAL” is sent via stickers attached many places on the street with huge amount of people walking by.

Real: Lots of stickers on a mail box, again, and this one caught my eye. It plays with perspective when looking like a teeth and a hand at the same time.

False: Grab the “dead seconds” to see how thin the border between life and death is.

Real: I see this kind of sticker a few times near my house with different vibrant colors. The pun EYE (I) Heart (love) You together with the cursed word sounds like a project with chains of stickers to mark the movement.

False: A man is too shy to confess face to face to his crush that he expressed his strong feelings through art a serie of these stickers to get the love out of his chest or else it is gonna explode.


Real: Not graffiti. The purpose of this spray words is against art and commercial.

False: It is a piece of art created as a way to evoke the defiance and opposition of the artist to the topic in the piece.


Real: The title says it all: All the artist sees is crime in this city – New York city – sounds negative to me.

False: This rebellious artist has witnessed the apathy, cruelty of human in this city due to the high living pace that people have to catch up in order to survive, willing to step on and to ignore others.


Real: Graffiti is hard to understand sometimes. The stickers can be somehow interpreted meaning, but the unreadable seem-to-be words make it more like some non-sense lines rather than words.

False: A picture of the two side of this world. Take the boy for the beauty, the monster upon is approaching him with the bad intention, meanwhile the bird is embracing the “beauty”.


Real: It attracted me because it does not look like human, although the possibility that it can be human. Plain black and white color, but strong impression.

False: This non-human astronaut is silently observing and judging the pedestrians to feel the dynamic beats of the city.


Real: This apathetic face is found opposite right to Pratt Institute- which is my mood when someone asked me why I did not apply to that school.

False: Hatred shown on the face. Mere abomination shown from the heart of the artist.


Real: Preach. I am the one who has a high self-esteem so the sticker somehow makes me ponder about the flexiblity that one should be in order to be friendly and sociable in this community.

False: Nowadays, ego plays an important part especially when you have high position in the society. Sometimes it can be too much ego that prevents you from the social networking or being too arrogant and haughty. Use it the right time, curb it in the right moment – that is the message the street artist wants to spread.


Real: We hate these shirts. Why do we look like men? I want something pretty. I wouldn’t wear this if I wasn’t posing for Miu Miu. Oh no, I ate a chocolate cookie this morning, I’m not going to eat for the rest of the day!!!

False: I have to tell myself : ‘Act cool, be cool. I am the best. I am pretty. I am beautiful.  I am so proud of myself.’ when posing in front of a camera.


Real: What does New York City mean to you?

This is a stinky city. There is garbage everywhere. Homeless people everywhere. McDonald’s everywhere. Traffic everywhere. Being late to class everyday. Hearing the ambulance siren everyday. Sleeping late everyday.

False: What does New York City mean to you?

My dream life; the big apple, time square, the empire State Building, central Park, etc.


Real: You are a slave of your memories. Memories haunt you. They will always be there to remind you who you are. You cannot escape from them. They are part of who you are right now!

False: Once time passes, memories have nothing to do with your present. No one knows about your past; what you were, what you did and what you said.


Real: We are helpless to death. We are destined to die. Everything has an end. I ask myself: Is there afterlife? Does heaven exist? Does hell exist? What is the point of living if we are going to die? What about all our achievements? Would it matter after we die?

False: I’m not afraid. Everything has to have an end, otherwise what is the whole point of living? If if didn’t have an end we wouldn’t appreciate the present, right?


Real: Humanity in a person is measured on how he treats his inferiors, not his equals.

False: Can you describe the person in the image? No, I can’t. I’m afraid to tell the truth.



Real: 1999 was the year when I was born. This image reminds me of the poem “Prayer before birth” by Louis McNiece.

False: What is art? Why does art have to be in a museum in order to be appreciated? Why does no one care if it’s in the streets?



Real: I like the colors used in this piece of art. Light blue give a depressed mood and I think it really fits my experience with New York City.

False: Song: “Empire State of Mind” by Jay-Z


Real: Love is beautiful. Love is heartbeats. Love is blind. Love is imperfections. Love is hate. Love is patience. Love is leaving

False: Love is everywhere.



Real: I wish I could vote the president for this country. I can’t though, I’m an immigrant.

False: Votes represent what the country wants, but that’s not true. Voting only represents what the voters want, not the country. Many people don’t vote at all.


Real: Seriously, nowadays, do people really care about posters?I personally think that since technology developed so much, marketing is only effective on online platforms.

False: Wow, that’s a great poster, I would want to see the concert!


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