Artifacts + Stories

Artifacts + Stories

  • Artifact Process


  • Photographs in the site





  • Inspiration artifacts and our artifact

  • The assignment

Our assignment was to create a story linking our four different characters. As we created our story, we had to make an artifact that was associated with the story.

  • The site we chose

Union Square

  • How our research influenced our project

As in our research, I found interesting the facts being mentioned during the interview with the second passerby who has been around Union Square from the 1960’s. We asked him if he saw any differences since then and now and he answered that, there were a lot of differences. He said that back then and now is all about transition as everything has changed. Using this research, I was inspired for my part of  the story, my character Atos time travels from the past to present contrasting two different time periods. In addition to that, the passerby mentioned that New York City used to be more interesting than it is to be now. In Union Square people from different places still come and go, but still it wasn’t the same. In the end of our story, I think that the attitude of my character Atos is symbolic of the nostalgia that the second passerby feels. My character realises that the present is different, but still, he wants to go back to the past.

  • How our artifact relates to our story

The camera helps my character to return to the past. Anything written in the camera can become true. My character wrote that he wanted to return to the past, and in the end he was able to return with this camera to Berem.

  • The name of our artifact

Arbitrary Door

  • The Title for our  story

The stolen camera and the lost guy.

  • The Story

  • The names of all of our group members

Lindsey Grace Nikura Paola

  • Reflection about the project

I liked this project because;

we learned historic events from a site through passerby that we would never learn in class,

we had to be creative while creating the story,

I got to know better three of my classmates

and we had fun!



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