Bridge project 05: FAC(similie)

1.Fake artist statement

Elaine Cassatt

Elaine Cassatt was born in July 8 1989, Poughkeepsie, New York. She attended college at Parsons School of Design. She is a contemporary artist whose artwork has been influenced by society stereotypes, one of her main focus was feminism. During her academic life at Parsons she started to gain her interests in fake appearances, something that lead her to explore stereotypes. She stated to produce work based on that. She uses different mediums to communicate her ideas but she used photography for her most recent works. She used makeup, costumes and stage scenery to recreate identity illusions. She uses her work as a medium to criticize and debunk false ideas such as stereotypes created by society. She achieves this in one of her more recent project where she studies the stereotype that women look prettier with makeup. In her artwork, she exaggerates that idea by putting an overload amount of makeup on a woman’s face making her look like a clown. This debunks the stereotype that makeup makes people look prettier as the outcome of it is ugly. Her art work has gained a lot of attention and has raised questions about feminism that are yet left unanswered.


2.Personal artist statement

Paola Ji Chen

I see myself as an artist who tries to put social concerns into my art work. I like to criticize them and make the viewer look at the subject in a different manner. As for the fake artist talk, I chose a project on street art and another one focusing on stereotypes. I thought choosing the street art project because through that project I explored the two sides of street art. Is street art vandalism of is it art? I personally think that street art is underestimated art work and this is the social concern I want to convey. I then chose a project based on Disney stereotypes. As I explored this topic, I realized that I think of things as they are because I was taught like that by digital media. I am a strong supporter of feminist and though this project I debunk the stereotypes created by Disney of that women are weak, dependent of men amd have to be girly. As I started exploring women representation in this term, I thought Cindy Sherman was the ideas artist. I like how her art work arises questions on feminist aesthetics. I think her art work debunks the idea of that women are pretty with make up, she puts an overload amount of makeup on their subjects faces something which creates irony as the outcome makes them look like clowns.

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