Final work: Culture Issue


Drawing/ Imaging

Final work: Culture Issue

                       Rita zhou


    Inspiration: There is a this is very cruel ceremony called female circumcision, it “ritual cuts or removal of some or all of the external female genitalia”,  and mostly happened in Africa, Asia and the Middle East, it is harmful for girls both for their mental and physical health. There are over two hundred million of women were forced to accept this event. People today started to face this cruel and obsolete ceremony, and many organizations around the whole world are trying to resisting this horrible tradition, and this is where my inspiration comes from. I think there are too many darkness in this practice, and it is just too hard for me to paint the painful behind it, so I want to describe this social problem in another way, which is to show the power and strong of female in this ritual.  


This is my sketches, I made a plan based on the knowledge that I learned  in the semester.
        For the lay out of the whole page, I used golden ratio to create perfect proportion, I placed there main part of the painting at three golden ration spots. In the whole painting, I used not a single strait line, but all curves to express the feeling of feminine and softness.
I layered the flower on the portrait, I paint phalaenopsis orchid for many reasons.
This flower represent feminist, especially, purple phalaenopsis orchid means dignity and respect, women in this event don’e earn the respect and dignity which they deserved, because of the effort many people have made, a lot of women were saved, they earned their respect and dignity, so I used this way to represent the feeling that many women are saved and protected, and more and more women will be saved in the future, the power of resisting this  senseless ritual will be stronger and stronger in the future, and that also the reason why I placed all phalaenopsis orchid around the portrait, and spread them all over my painting.


I used color to reflect the coldness of the reality, and the warm of people’s heart protection, and strength.



   I wanted to create emotional figure, so I took many photo of myself on the dark ness, and I tried to express the feeling of  sadness, helpless, but full of love and strength.To create this feeling in my painting, my color is in saturation which is sad and helpless, but the hue is warm which represent the love and power of woman. I used transparent light to blurry all the feelings, so the emotion shows deeper. I create shadow in my painting and made a representational portrait, but I still soft the edge, to create a mystery and sad feeling. Even though this portrait just has half of the face, but I still want to create a perfect proportion using the rule of golden ratio.


This is my background for the painting



     In the middle of the painting, I used water painting to create human figures. After many practice, I tried to paint a set of abstraction figures. The figures look like a kind of shape instead of fierce out line, this is the way I create mystery feelings. These figures are embracing each other, they are protecting each other, the gradation of color from dark to light shows more emotion.



At the right of the painting, There is another set of human figures. I used water color to create this set, I emerging the edges, so figures can connect with the background better when I layer these two elements.
But I used two different ways to paint it, and choose the better one.


.I combined all these elements and here is my final.
     Then I create an extra painting, this version express the feeling that woman today are able to defend their rights, and be more free to express themselves.




I combined two painting together at last to show the hope.

Also to show the feeling that women will be stronger in the future.

Book reconstruction

Book Reconstruction 



My book’s name is “blue house” written by Beidao, a poet in China, he wrote this book in American. He felt deep loneliness in this foreign country. I am in the same condition, and I feel lonely everyday after I came to New York, and I can feel the deep connection with him.
This is my final work, I think loneliness is like a shield, It protects people from forgetting who they truly are, and where they come from, so I make the booking into a round shape. Also, I crossed all words about loneliness to express the feeling of shield. The loneliness comes up at anytime, and it will embrace me suddenly, and that is the reason why I made this shape. I also want to express the invisible characteristic of loneliness, so I used silver powder. The way I use light is also to augment the feeling of loneliness


I did some experiment about the shape of the book. Because I didn’t choose a book with hard cover, so I kind of want to use this advantage.
I cut the book in different layers, and shaped them.
Because the book is too thick, the glue doesn’t work, so I used stapler to connect pages.
I crossed words about loneliness.
I added silver powder on the book.
Here is my final work, I combined different kinds of sensation in this final work. I use the sound of wind to exaggerate the feeling of loneliness. Also you can touch the wood base of my work, and you can feel the resonance of the sound, so you can feel my loneliness in different ways.

water color figure practice

water color figure practice


This is my first painting

I practice more single figures



Then I did some peer figures


In different color


I start to create poses


And I become more free to create, and express my feelings.









Here are some work I did in class with model.
 I feel not confident at first, but I think I did better at last.


self portrait


Self Portrait


This is my final work, there are two girls in this painting

/The rose flower girl/

she looks innocent, pure and beautiful. Her heart is as clean as crystal. She is delicate, just like rose flower, but also warm hearted, just like like fire.

/The clown girl/

She is not a pretty girl, but she is very cool, and has strong personality. There are very dark and evil part in her heart, she looks like a clown, always smiling, but you will never know what is her real thought.
.But, these two girls are not real me, there are some clues inside the painting, the girl is upside down, there is frame around the painting, and there is a “truth” (This is my first tattoo, and it represent me)in the painting.



In all, this is the true me.




Here is my first version





In this painting, I used 8 elements

.For the rose flower girl
crystal(which is my favourite material)/water color/ marker /flowers/
.For the clown girl
water color/ marker/ clown symbol/ word/
A frame for the whole picture





This is my plan before I start to paint, and I made some alternative scheme.









I think there are dark and light sides in my heart, and I want to use watercolor to express my emotion, so I took a photo of myself in shadow.




I draw the face in golden ratio






and use water color to draw it. I left the rose flower girl as the light side.





I tried different ways to paint the hair, I once wanted to use marker for both girls,
but I found water color works better for the rose flower girl.





  Then I used pencil, water color to draw the eye, and changed its color in photoshop to math the color in the whole painting.





Then I took some crystal pictures, and use photoshop to match them on the face


I paint background for the next step
I drew different flowers


I scanned them in photoshop, and made some changes
I tried to create them into different feelings.



I also tried water color, but it didn’t work very well


For the clown girl, I created some clown faces



At last, I combined all these elements, and added the fame and the “truth”.