Bridge 1 – Part I

Geta Bratescu- Medea’s Hypostases (MOMA)

I chose this work because Bratescu was inspired by the movie Medea and is trying to depict Medea’s personality and charasteristic. So this is related to my theme identity(emotions.)

A painting from MOMA

I think the way the artist paint the man and the color choosing is really interesting. The overall tone and feeling is really emotional and trying to depict the man’s personality.

Photo by me

This photo was taken by me from my dorm room’s window. I am trying to describe a start of a joyful and energetic way. But I am heavily nearsighted so when I just wake up, without glasses, this is what I see. This relate to my theme identity — I think it is really important that how the weather is for me, because my emotion really depends on it.

Photo by me

Taken at school. I feel really free when I was looking at this view, free from class.

The Dance by Henri Matisee

The way that Matisee depict emotions by man dancing, the body movement and structure can really show their emotion and their identity.


The Scream by Edvard Munch

This painting is famous of the emotion showing, and I think the line weight and how it curves and the color choice is really historical and worth learning from it.

The Weeping Woman by Pablo Picasso

The woman is crying in this painting, is also a emotional touch. The color choice and the geometric forms are really interesting and worth learning too.


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