Project 1 initial steps

The project:

I will make a wearable device in collaboration with my previous suitemate and founder of K2O, James Halls Collins. The first version of the wearable will be an iteration of their “BADMAN” hoodie. Electronics will be integrated into the hoodie so that it will be able to pick up on police radio frequencies within the Brooklyn/Manhattan area.

The goal:
In response to recent events culminating from Ferguson, Missouri the wearable seeks to create greater balance between police and citizen – particularly providing wearers of the hoodie with the advantage of a live instrument for detecting police proximity. The hoodie will translate the radio waves into some sort of haptic or visual feedback mechanism embedded within the garment that will give the perception of proximity.

I have already received James approval to move ahead with the project.

next steps:

figure out a design for the hoodie based on the components I will be using.

Determine what technologies i need in order to interface with hertzian space.

A few items I have come across that i am considering/doing research on:

Software Defined Radio

conductive thread

Neo Pixel

Arduino Uno, Lillypad or Adafruit Gemma

EL Wire

fiber optic fabric

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