Eyes Without a Face – Part 1

Pictures used in Collages: 

Final Product 1- Elle’s projection of self to others: Serine&’Coquette’.

Collage 2 – Elle’s personality with friends: Energetic, full of life, bubbly.


Knowing Ellie quite well before having her assigned as my partner for this project was the biggest challenge, as I had to ask really personal questions.

For the first part, I decided to focus on how Ellie portrayed herself to others.

Firstly, Is the pastel purple collage: On it is Ellie’s perfume. Her grandmother, mother, and herself have been wearing it for a very long time.

Each item displayed on the collage symbolizes a part that is obvious to every person that comes across Ellie:

Soft and delicate>Flowers – Sweet and caring> Bee (honey) – Make up kit> Always looking glamourous- Cigaret> She is a smoker- Bicycle> She always rode a bike to go to school back at home. Most importantly, the pastel purple is her favorite color, as well as the color of her room back at home.

For the second collage, displayed on a neon orange font, I portray her personality with friends.

Lively and full of energy> Fireworks; > –  Funky Sunglasses> She collects all sorts of sunglasses –  Patterns> She is a fashion major, and loves all sorts of tiles and fabrics – > Naked body and underwear> Her love for laundry – > Cat> she will never leave the house without a cat-eyed eye liner – > Ink on the bonsai branches> All of her artwork is made with Ink. And finally, the bonsai tree as she has been collecting them since she was 5 years old.

Both collages were inspired by Ellen Gallagher and Wagechi Mutu’s works. Ellie being my closest friend, I understand and see how complex yet pure her personality is. She tends to be an introvert, being nice to everyone yet not revealing anything about herself besides her appearance. The First collage represents her at school whereas the second one represents her out of school. This decision was made because I wanted people in class to guess who the collages were about. Anyone who knows Ellie would perfectly understand the work I made,represent her in an abstract way.


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