Eyes Without a Face part 2

For the second part of this assignment, I chose to add a third collage to my series of Collages.

As the first collage ( Pastel purple) represents Ellie at school, the second Ellie with friends, I chose to go in depth this time, and represent Ellie through personal stories, regarding her moving from country to country, going through personal issues that turned her into the easy going, adaptable person that she is.

The part two of the project was the most challenging one: As I knew Ellie quite well, for the Part 1 I kept it on the surface, being able to openly discuss the choices I made with my classmates and teacher.

However, the part 2 consists of personal stories, experiences, and situations that have shaped her personality, and changed her vies on certain things.

As Ellie clearly asked me to represent her personal stories in n abstract way, the bottle is the main ‘character’ / idea in this collage. The fact that I could not reveal certain things about Ellie, it reminded me of a water bottle: Closed and hidden, yet full of water. As we open the bottle, the water falls out, just like Ellie’s true stories.

However, it says adventure because she described her journey as an adventure: All her stories have led her on an adventure where she continually discovers/ finds herself.

Mood Board









New collage – Add On : ‘ Miss X’s Environment’










Collage 1










Collage 2

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