First Impression of the Pere Lachaise Cemetery


We visited the Peres Lachaise Cemetery on a grey, gloomy day.

At first, I was overwhelmed by how vast, and wide the cemetery was. There were so many things to see, yet we were restricted by time.

To be fair, the weather did not really help.. I felt quite uncomfortable walking through the tombs, and could not help but picture dead bodys laying underneath me, just like in horror movies.

What really struct my attention, coming from a place where concrete dominates all source of landscapes, was how green and fresh the cemetery was, despite its theme: Death.

There were flourishing trees all around, bushes, flowers, all sorts of greenery,getting ready for fall, which to me, was truly inspiring.

Also, what I mostly found interesting was the mix of generations that you could immediately feel just by looking at different tombs.

There were a variety of different times, people coming from different places, interests, and backgrounds.

From famous song writers like Edith Piaf, famous authors (poet) such as James Morrison, to victims of the Bataclan attack, which in a way, to me, represented the irony behind the cemetery: Welcoming of a new life, a place where everyone is welcome. (Whether it is to observe, or choose to be burried  there).

This mix of generation and nationality, has triggered my group and I to tackle the theme of mixed cultures. Ashley, Tanisha, Elena and I come from different backgrounds.

Therefore, our personal tour of the cemetery was going to be inspired by our different cultures that have influenced our feelings and perception of the Pere Lachaise cemetery.






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