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Camille Norment – Plexus

A video of the artist Camille Norment in conversation with musician, author, and curator David Toop about Camille Norment: Plexus, her exhibition at Dia Chelsea in 2022. Toop has long engaged with Norment’s practice. He contributed to the Camille Norment: Rapture (2015), and is a contributor to Plexus’s accompanying publication from Dia….Continue Reading Camille Norment – Plexus

What is a Sound bath?

According to the sound bath practitioner Sara Auster: A Sound Bath is a deeply-immersive, full-body listening experience that intentionally uses sound to invite gentle yet powerful therapeutic and restorative processes to nurture your mind and body. Sound Bath by Guadalupe Maravilla Here is a LINK to Maravilla’s project at Creative Time. Sound File of Maravilla’s…Continue Reading What is a Sound bath?

Samson Young – Nocturne

a sound performance, conceived around and in reaction to a series of night bombing videos that the artist has collected on youtube, which are edited into a video that is stripped away of all sounds. These footages originate from a variety of sources including news reports, archival footages, and video captured and uploaded by amateurs. Throughout the performance, the performer watches this silent video on a monitor, and attempts to accurately restore its soundtrack of explosions, gunshots and debris, by playing a live foley set using a series of regular household objects. …Continue Reading Samson Young – Nocturne

Steel-Fonics – Ricardo Iammuri Robinson

The STEEL-FONICS attempts to shed light on a hidden contribution to Pittsburgh’s industrial past. In this culture, African Americans are typecast dancing, singing or marching against a backdrop of poverty, crime or packed arenas in order to be recognized.  This installation employs the power of stereotype and reimagines a creative collective of black industrial steel workers called The STEEL-FONICS.  The African American contribution to the enormous expansion of the American steel industry has been all but invisible.  This exhibition is a new kind of labor strike against historical omission….Continue Reading Steel-Fonics – Ricardo Iammuri Robinson

Quarantine / Isolation Concerts

The COVID lockdown did not shut down the desire to share sound with the world. While the pandemic closed concert and exhibition venues worldwide, undoubtedly damaging many artists financial prospects, it has not kept them from sharing their work. Numerous venues have created platforms for sharing adventurous sound – some of them free, some of them requiring a donation to help the performing artists….Continue Reading Quarantine / Isolation Concerts

Raven Chacon

Originally from the Navajo Nation, Raven Chacon is a composer of chamber music, a performer of experimental noise music, and an installation artist. He performs regularly as a solo artist as well as with numerous ensembles in the Southwest and beyond. He is also a member of the Indigenous art collective Postcommodity, with who he recently premiered the two-mile-long land art/border intervention, Repellent Fence….Continue Reading Raven Chacon

Kevin Beasley – A view of a landscape

Kevin Beasley engages with the legacy of the American South through an installation that centers on a cotton gin motor from Maplesville, Alabama. In operation from 1940 to 1973, the motor powered the gins that separated cotton seeds from fiber. Here, the New York-based artist uses it to generate sound as if it were a musical instrument, creating space for visual and aural contemplation. …Continue Reading Kevin Beasley – A view of a landscape

Art installation recreates how our environment might sound to people with Alzheimer’s Disease

The global engineering firm Arup and BLOXAS Architects collaborated on a soundscape installation to demonstrate what our everyday environment might sound like to a dementia sufferer….Continue Reading Art installation recreates how our environment might sound to people with Alzheimer’s Disease

Ultra-Red Five – Five Protocols for Listening

In honor of May Day, Ultra-red release the PDF of our latest workbook for militant sound inquiry, “Five Protocols for Organized Listening” (5.8MB). The workbook compiles protocols for collective listening developed by multiple teams of investigators from 2009 to 2011 in cities across North America and Europe. “Five Protocols” is also accompanied by links to related sound objects on the School of Echoes Soundcloud page. Please feel free to download and distribute. We only ask that you send us feedback on your experiments with organized listening and militant sound investigation….Continue Reading Ultra-Red Five – Five Protocols for Listening

Anna Mlasowsky – Glass and Sound

Anna Mlasowsky is a German-born glass artist who works across many media including video, installation, and performance. As the description below for the project “Resonance” attests, her work with sound emerges from her own challenges with hearing perception. …Continue Reading Anna Mlasowsky – Glass and Sound

Feeling Music – artists exploring the physical impact of sound

Humans come into contact with sound all the time. Our first tactile listening experience is in the womb, feeling our mother’s heartbeat. This kind of physicality continues into our everyday: We feel our own hearts beating, we hear the sound of our footsteps. By its very nature, direct contact with music through its natural vibrations introduces us to an experience we’ve been missing, one that is crucial to our proper understanding of it….Continue Reading Feeling Music – artists exploring the physical impact of sound

Anke Eckardt’s GROUND

The ground is in motion. GROUND acts as a LOOKING GLASS, as an AMPLIFIER for what we normally can´t perceive – tectonic plates are continously shifting … the permutations of landscapes constitute an infinite process of becoming… geosphere is a complex system that interferes with biosphere but also with anthroposphere, that part of the environment, that is made and modified by humans.

GROUND is moved by immense mechanical forces. The motion can be felt, heard and seen. Rough sounds are mechanically produced through friction between the concrete elements … visitors might experience the loss of their visual reference points, it becomes unclear what is still and what isn´t… there is an afterglow of a moving ground in the visitors physical memory after leaving the installation. …Continue Reading Anke Eckardt’s GROUND

Marco Fusinato – Constellations

A 40-metre wall with a 1.5-metre gap at each end is built to bisect the gallery. Hidden
inside the wall are a series of microphones connected to a PA system. The entrance side of the gallery is empty. On the other side of the gallery, coming out from the bisecting wall a baseball bat is attached to a steel chain. The audience is invited to strike the wall. Their action is amplified at 120db….Continue Reading Marco Fusinato – Constellations

Bohyun Yoon – Glass, Sound, Interaction

Bohyun Yoon is from Korea and currently living in Richmond Virginia. He is an assistant professor at Virginia Commonwealth University. Inspired by the idea of sound from clear glass, he choreographed avenues for this glass to become a sonic instrument. His residency at Harvestworks included the use different materials like multi channel audio, contact microphones and amplifiers. His recent projects include Glass Helmet (2004), Glass Tube (2012), and Glassorganism (2013). …Continue Reading Bohyun Yoon – Glass, Sound, Interaction

Doug Aitken – Sonic Pavillion

The idea behind Sonic Pavilion (2009) was this: boring of a 200-meter-deep well in the ground in order to install a set of microphones to capture the sound of the earth. By way of a sophisticated system of equalization and amplification, this sound is played in real time inside the empty circular pavilion, which was designed to create equivalence between the audio experience and one’s relation to the surrounding space….Continue Reading Doug Aitken – Sonic Pavillion

2017 The World is Sound at the Rubin Museum

JUNE 16, 2017 – JANUARY 8, 2018
Featuring work by more than 20 artists, The World Is Sound juxtaposes new site-specific commissions and works by prominent contemporary sound artists with historical objects from the museum’s collection of Tibetan Buddhist art to encourage reflection on how we listen and to challenge entrenched ways of thinking….Continue Reading 2017 The World is Sound at the Rubin Museum

Tony Oursler: Imponderable

Tony Oursler’s Imponderable (2015–16) offers an alternative depiction of modernism that reveals the intersection of technological advancements and occult phenomena over the last two centuries. Presented in a “5-D” cinematic environment utilizing a contemporary form of Pepper’s ghost—a 19th-century phantasmagoric device—and a range of sensory effects (scents, vibrations, etc.), Imponderable is an immersive feature-length film…Continue Reading Tony Oursler: Imponderable

Dial Tone-Inspired Sound Art – Aura Satz

The dial tone, that curious electronic sound of latent communication, is the subject of two ongoing telephonic sound art pieces by Aura Satz. The first piece is currently showing at the Hayward Gallery’s Mirrorcity exihibition, which features work by London-based artists who are influenced by sci-fi, new speculative philosophies, and the internet age.  …Continue Reading Dial Tone-Inspired Sound Art – Aura Satz

Konrad Smolenski – Everything Was Forever, Until It Was No More

Polish Pavilion at the Biennale Arte 2013 The work at the Polish Pavilion is a sculptural instrument that reproduces, at regular intervals, a music piece written for bronze bells, wide-range loudspeakers, and other resonating objects. An active participant of both the independent music scene and the visual art scene for over a decade now, Konrad…Continue Reading Konrad Smolenski – Everything Was Forever, Until It Was No More

Doron Sadja “I Am Immensely In Touch With My Emotions And Music Is Magic To Me”

Using motorized swinging speakers, multichannel sound, and high intensity smoke and light projections, Sadja transforms this expansive industrial space into an architectural and alchemical sonic ecosystem. 8.1 Channel Sound Installation with motorized swinging speakers at the Fragmental Museum in Long Island City….Continue Reading Doron Sadja “I Am Immensely In Touch With My Emotions And Music Is Magic To Me”

Sergei Tcherepnin’s Music for One – Massage Performance

Sergei Tcherepnin created a work for a single listener that involves a sort of sonic massage. from the New York Times “the main attraction — which was booked in 15-minute private appointments — was the “massage,” performed in a back room behind makeshift curtains. It took a few minutes for me to experience the sensations…Continue Reading Sergei Tcherepnin’s Music for One – Massage Performance

David Tudor – Rainforest IV

Here’s an example of tactile or surface transducers in action. David Tudor (1973) — Rainforest IV: collective performance The fourth version (1973) is the result of a collaborative work environment, mixing in space sounds live suspended sculptures and found objects, and transformed by an audio system reverberations. Here’s another version: From the Getty Research Institute:…Continue Reading David Tudor – Rainforest IV

Pierre Sauvageot’s Harmonic Fields

Sauvageot describes his creation as “a symphonic march for 1,000 aeolian instruments and moving audience”. It is not only a striking piece of land art, but a carefully constructed piece of music, with an integral balance of theme and structure. “It’s important that it is not just a circuit of weird noises,” Sauvageot says. “The…Continue Reading Pierre Sauvageot’s Harmonic Fields

Sway – Caitlin Morris

Sway is a space where sound and physical form meet. The environment reflects the palpable experience of listening to music, in which many small parts work together to create a larger whole. When visitors become immersed in the mass of translucent reeds that form the geometry of the room, the sound composition reacts at the…Continue Reading Sway – Caitlin Morris

In The Garden of Sonic Delights – videos

You Are the Sweet Spot by Stephen Vitiello & Bob Bielecki Listening Is as Listening Does by Suzanne Thorpe We Fall Like Light by Laurie Anderson & Bob Bielecki Catenary by Eli Keszler Wild Energy by Annea Lockwood & Bob Bielecki Sunken Gardens by Betsey Biggs Diacousticon by Stephan Moore The [Music] Room by Francisco…Continue Reading In The Garden of Sonic Delights – videos

Max Neuhaus – Times Square

From Gothamist: Visit The Eerie Circa-1970s Sound Installation In Times Square The late Max Neuhaus, a percussionist known for creating site-specific sound sculptures, created one of his best known pieces in Times Square in 1977, a sound installation that filters up through the subway grates on Broadway. According to Dia Art Foundation, the installation originally…Continue Reading Max Neuhaus – Times Square

Pandemonium – Janet Cardiff and George Burres Miller

A site specific sound installation at Pennsylvania’s Eastern State Penitentiary. The project draws from the locations complicated past and stories drawn from that history. from Janet Cardiff and George Burres Miller’s website: Tip tap tip tap. Is that the sound of dripping or is it someone in a cell tapping a code on the wall?…Continue Reading Pandemonium – Janet Cardiff and George Burres Miller