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Feeling Music – artists exploring the physical impact of sound

Humans come into contact with sound all the time. Our first tactile listening experience is in the womb, feeling our mother’s heartbeat. This kind of physicality continues into our everyday: We feel our own hearts beating, we hear the sound of our footsteps. By its very nature, direct contact with music through its natural vibrations introduces us to an experience we’ve been missing, one that is crucial to our proper understanding of it.

Activist Sound – Christopher DeLaurenti

“Activist Sound is one way to describe the sound pieces, performances, and installations I make from field recordings of protests, testimonies, and...

Sound All Around: The Continuing Evolution of 3D Audio

Close your eyes and think about the last time you were at a gig. How did it sound? The band is rocking out on stage, your friends are talking in a group over...

Hertz, Hearing, Frequency and Pitch

Our human mechanisms for hearing, are, like our tools for seeing, very subjective. It is easy to imagine that everyone sees like we do, hears like we do. At...

Ragnar Kjartansson – Sorrow

The Icelandic artist Ragnar Kjartansson uses music as a key focus of many of his performance and video works. In the work entitled A Lot of Sorrow (2014) for example, he staged a performance at MOMA PS1 in which he invited the American band The National to play their well-known song Sorrow repeatedly for six hours.

Nina Katchadourian – Dust Gathering

As part of a two-year collaboration through Artists Experiment, artist Nina Katchadourian presents Dust Gathering, an audio tour offering visitors an...

On Listening #1: Thinking (through) the ear ((((podcast))))

Thinking (through) the ear, is a fascinating exploration of listening and sonic philosophy in the words of key contemporary thinkers, going around different...

Foley – f701 Sennheiser headphone commercial

Really nice commercial that shows how the sound effects for this animation were created.    

On Being – Gordon Hempton – Silence and the Presence of Everything

Podcast episode featuring acoustic ecologist Gordon Hempton. Silence is an endangered species, says Gordon Hempton. He defines real quiet as presence — not an absence of sound, but an absence of noise. The Earth, as he knows it, is a "solar-powered jukebox." Quiet is a "think tank of the soul." We take in the world through his ears.

Art installation recreates how our environment might sound to people with Alzheimer’s Disease

The global engineering firm Arup and BLOXAS Architects collaborated on a soundscape installation to demonstrate what our everyday environment might sound like to a dementia sufferer.

John Cage – Williams Mix

Long before sampling, hip hop, needle drops and mashups John Cage had created his incredibly dense magnetic tape cut-up masterwork Williams Mix (1952).

The Act Of Listening – TED radio on NPR

Listening — to loved ones, strangers, faraway places — is an act of generosity and a source of discovery. In this episode, TED speakers describe how we change...

Spacewalk Audio immersive audio books

Benjamin Gale  is a freelance Sound Editor, Field Recordist and Sound Designer from Bristol, UK currently living in the south of France. He has been developing a series of immersive audio books for children using binaural recordings and SFX to accompany voice acting and illustrations.

Anna Mlasowsky – Glass and Sound

Anna Mlasowsky is a German-born glass artist who works across many media including video, installation, and performance. As the description below for the project “Resonance” attests, her work with sound emerges from her own challenges with hearing perception.

British Library Says 6.5 Million Sounds Are in Jeopardy

Luke McKernan, lead curator of news and moving image, wrote in the January 12 announcement: “Archival consensus internationally is that we have approximately...

Audible Spaces: Exhibition explores physicality of sound

Audible Spaces presents three sound installations that encourage participants to explore the subtleties of listening. Tristan Perich, Zarouhie Abdalian, and [The User] have each created immersive environments using seemingly uniform sounds that dissolve into tonal, tactile, and temporal variations as participants engage with them.

Stop Sharing Those Feel-Good Cochlear Implant Videos

The video opens with a cute baby lying in his mother’s arms. They are sitting in a doctor’s office, about to activate a cochlear implant, a device that will...

Heather Hart – a Half-Buried Roof Shelters Oral Histories

Heather Hart’s “The Oracle of Lacuna” creates spaces for communal exploration of little-known regional oral histories.

Circumstance – distributed sounds and subtlemobs

Circumstance was established in 2010 as a framework for the collaborations of Duncan Speakman, Sarah Anderson and Emilie Grenier. From 2010 – 2016 we made...

Soundweaving: Artist Converts Folk Embroidery Patterns into Paper Scores for Music Boxes

Soundweaving is a recent project by Hungarian design student Zsanett Szirmay that turns patterns used in traditional folk embroidery into music by translating...

This Man Can Hear Wi-Fi

Writer Frank Swain has been able to hear Wi-Fi signals for the past week, and no, it’s not “the result of a sudden mutation or years of transcendental...

Ana Tardos – Gatherings

A wonderful example of found rhythm Anne Tardos – Gatherings (1982). 8137A – Gatherings by Anne...

Maryanne Amacher: Sound, Body, Space

Maryanne Amacher was an experimental sound artist who composed music and created site-specific sound installations. Early in her career she played music on multiple tape machines and mixed them live. She was interested in the experience and perception of sounds in particular spaces.

How Speakers work – Animagraffs

Speakers (also called loudspeakers) push and pull surrounding air molecules in waves that the human ear interprets as sound. You could even say that hearing...

Extracting audio from visual information

Algorithm recovers speech from the vibrations of a potato-chip bag filmed through soundproof glass. Researchers at MIT, Microsoft, and Adobe have developed an...

Hildegard Westerkamp – Linking Soundscape Composition and Acoustic Ecology

The microphone alters listening. The mere comparison between how our ears listen and how the microphone picks up sounds in the environment, brings alerted...

The History of Sound Art (recording with timeline)

An engaging sound collage presenting an unique historical documentation of Sound Art from the early 20th century to present day. The composition weaves through different sound works throughout the century with narratives and ideas from some of the prominent artists in the field.

Absorption and Reflection

Sound is made of waves that travel out (or propagate) from their source until they dissipate, bounce off a surface or are absorbed into a surface or substance.

A Beginner’s Guide To…Field Recording

The history of field recording is central to the development of electronic music, with artists – from Eno through Scanner to Burial – drawing on its theories...

Foley with Disney master on Letterman show

80’s TV Broadcast of the David Letterman Show where “Jimmy” demonstrates many of the objects, some of which he built himself, used to create...

Dear Architects: Sound Matters

Here is an article by Michael Kimmelman about our relationship to sound in the spaces we...

Virtual haircut

Ok besides the incredibly campy delivery in this demonstration, it is a great example of the power of stereo imaging and headphone listening.

A Deeply Intimate Movie About Going Blind

Peter Middleton’s and James Spinney’s Notes on Blindness is a dramatic account of English theologian John Hull’s loss of sight. Here is a fascinating use of...

Hong-Kai Wang

Hong-Kai Wang is an artist who works mainly with sound. Her practice includes processes involved in the production and performance of sound as well as their political and social contexts, and, not least, the organisation of listening. In several of her pieces she has employed collective processes, discussions and workshops.

Education – Minute of Listening

Minute of Listening at Hull Primary Schools Sound and Music in partnership with PRS for Music Foundation, have developed a special version of their Minute of...

Michel Chion – Les Mots (the flies)

Michel Chion – Les Mots (from La Tentation de Saint Antoine 1991) La tentation de Saint-Antoine: a concrete melodrama in one prologue and nine tableaux adapted from Flaubert’s novel and composed in 1984

Fabricmachine – sound and textiles

Another instance of taking the physical or visual properties of a material and converting them to sound. FABRIC MACHINE Installation and performative...

How hacking the sounds in your head could be the key to happiness

“Putting a spring back into your step could be as simple as listening to the sound of lighter footsteps, new research suggests. Scientists at University...

Helen Keller – From My Later Life

Tremulously I stand in the subways, absorbed into the terrible reverberations of exploding energy. Fearful, I touch the forest of steel girders loud with the...

Torture Methods With Sound: How Pure Noise Can Be Used To Break You Psychologically

Have you ever got a song stuck in your head that you just can’t seem to shake? That catchy piece of music on a recurrent loop in your brain, also known as an...

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