The Body Transformed

Part 1

Mourning sword , British, ca 1790

Material:steel and textile

Mourning sword is the gift of Jean Jacques in memory of his mother.


I first noticed this object is that i cannot decide it is a jewelry or a weapon. From the form, it should be a weapon but the handle that engraved with texture looks so exquisite that you have to defined as a piece of jewelry. If i am inside the glass box , i will hold as a knight and look at it carefully. This item is designed for the people who attended to mourning, and that person had to be in a formal dress.






Gold and amethyst larger with tiara earrings,necklace,brooch, and bracelets.

Franch,Paris ,ca.1830

Material: gold,amethysts


The collection of jewelry was belonged to Michael Friedsam. I chose this one because it has the whole set includes earring, necklace,brooch and even the bracelets. Wearing the same necklace and earring is normal, but I haven’t seen who wears the same brooch and bracelet. It is not difficult to image how beautiful it will be.   It machtes the traditional western aesthetic and transforms the person who wear it to a elegant, beautiful body.

Headdress with Phoenixs




The object is very well-made and meticulously. It has many details. There is no function of this jewelry but the queen of that period worn this on ceremony. If i can be the inside, i will try them on my head. I guess it is not that heavy but fragilble.  This jewelry has a beautiful name “headdress”, as its name, people put them on hair piece by piece. It shows the beauty of  a queen and the dignify of the royal family.





summer 2000

Airtist: Shaun Leanne

Material:Akuminum and Swarovski Crystal


Yashmak is made by Shaun Leanne for Alexander Mcqueen’s Fashion show. This is a armour but it made with crystal and  exquisite craft. I noticed that because the whole piece is so big. It covers the whole body which means clothing and jewelry can work in one. The topic of that show is “savage beauty”, i saw the picture of the model and i got what he means by “savage beauty”. The model was in this jewelry piece with a long dress. The armor means “diying”but the dress means “living”, the model was like a warrior.






The New Museum

Au Natural is a exhibit at The New Museum currently. The artist Sarah Lucas is a famous artist who based in London. She produced many art works that inspired by human bodies during 1990s. The following pictures are the two pieces that I found very interesting. The first one is a installation made by mattress, fruits and bucket. Those common objects mix together and from a woman body and a man body. The texture and the angle of the mattress matches human bodies in some way, and it also implies the space. When I first saw this piece, two organs attracted my eyes. One is the breast made by melons , another is a reproductive organ made by orange and cucumber.  With the bucket in the middle, it creates a humor conversation  between this woman and the man.





Integrative Seminar 1: Memoir, Fall 2018

Qianyi Wang

I Remember/I Imagine final




I remember the green apple flavor lollipop that I used to have.

I imagine I become a vampire who only eats green apple flavor lollipop.


I remember I asked my dad why he stops his job as an artist, he said that is because of my birth.

I imagine my dad were still an artist.


I remember that I used to forget bring the key.

I imagine that Yaya could open the door for me but he is a cat.


I remember my favorite book that I read in my childhood is called <<Dipe and her wild animal friends>>.

I imagine communicating with wild animals just like her.


I remember when I was 4, I didn’t know how to write. I created my own pattern and wrote on my little blue notebook.

I imagine one day I can find that notebook, read it again to see if I can understand.


I remember the red flower dress that my mom made for me, she has a similar one.

I imagine one day when I get a child, I will do the same thing as she did for me.


I remember eating two lavender macaroons.

I imagine becoming a fantastic baker.



I remember when, I read the whole Harry Potter in one week.

I imagine that I get the offer from Hogwarts.


I remember I made a very very ridiculous necklace by stone  for my mom when I was 10.

I imagine her internal monologue behind the smelling must be saying how ridiculous this necklace is.


I remember the tattoo shop in the old street, I sit there for 2 hours and then I got my first tattoo.

I imagine how I will look like with that tattoo when I am 80.


I remember the tattoo shop in the east village, where is one of my favorite places in New York. I got my second tattoo there but this time I drew the pattern by my own.

I imagine showing my tattoos to my parents.


I remember when, in grade 10, dating with grade 12 means you are so cool.

I imagine wearing quirky clothes in my high school.


I remember how much, in grade 12, I wanted to be free and live by my myself.

I imagine crying in the empty living room of my own apartment.


I remember that my grandmother asked me if I could stay with her one more day.

I imagine saying yes.


I remember I cried in the park because I lost the pink and white tennis racket that my dad gave me.

I imagine playing tennis in the park with that pink and white racket.


I remember last summer I went back home and I saw the ugly necklace is still in her jewelry box.

I imagine how people will think if they see my mom with this necklace in a party.


I remember I hit a girl accidently by my tennis racket because she stood behind me while I was training. She cried and her mom angered with me.

I imagine giving her mom another punch.


I remember the first time I went to primary school, I was too late and I couldn’t find the classroom.

I imagine I were late at my own wedding and everybody were staring at me in surprise when I walked in.


I remember the first time I touched the belly of my pregnant aunt, it was stiffer and warmer than I thought it would be.

I imagine I was there when my mother birthed me and saw everything happened that she told me later.


I remember how much energy I used to have.

I imagine the running 3km without break.


I remember eating salmon the first time when the soft exotic taste of raw meat bounced between my teeth.

I imagine swallowing a tooth which just comes off in my mouth.



I remember dancing on the stage of my high school.

I imagine the stage light shining into my eyes.


I remember watching my sister’ s dance at Lincoln Center.

I imagine she spend one more day in New York and I will bring her to Sarabeth’s.



I remember picking more than 3 books and read it before sleeping.

I imagine I become a famous writer and create a world like Harry Potter.



I remember the best birthday that I’ve is 18th.

I imagine how happy I am if I see those girls again.


I remember eating shack shake in Madison Park in a sunny day.

I imagine losing 20 pounds.


I remember the first time I went to New York, I have no idea this is the city that I will spent all my collage life.

I imagine living in Paris.





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