Studio 2: Assignment – Cities of Tomorrow


  • Buildings like Burj al khalifa in hot climate collecting condensation for irrigation
  • Burj al khalifa’s structure allows for it to fight earthquakes and the top can sway 6 feet with the wind
  • Technology can help the police to lower crime rates by identifying license plates and creating a sophisticated data record of them
  • Does facial detection and recognition technology in the public areas sit on a fine line between being helpful and verging on invasion of privacy?
  • These cities of tomorrow seem to be more of lab experiments than permanent solutions
  • Can these cities thrive on being built only from the start or can they be converted from existing cities?
  • Doha is a rare example of a great assimilation of the past, present and future all in one city
  • Using solar power to crush trash helps city trash department to focus more on recycling
  • Bullet Center incorporates different sustainable methods to make it the greenest building in the world and provides an efficient environment for employees
  • Off shore wind turbines in London power over 500000 homes but also pose stand in the way of certain sea animals
  • Through reverse osmosis California is fighting a tough battle against its drought
  • Solar powered bench is innovative as it transcends the function of a normal bench all the while being sustainable

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