Final Project and Refelction

I am satisfied a lot of things in this class, but at the same time, I also regret a lot of things. First, I learned many things, and I am sure that I truly enjoyed this class. This class needs challenges my self to be a real artist, and my classmates and professor help me […]


Question: What are the effects of undocumented immigration on the US economy since now if citizens deport them to their home countries? Brainstorm Proposal Two Ideas Sculpture: to make two trees to represent the positive and negative effects of accepting undocumented people. Material: Wired, Paper, Painting, and clay. Animation: chose one specific story and showed what would be happened […]

Problems of MTA and Solutions

Since I came to New York, I have just taken subways every single day. I realized that there are many problems in the New York subway system; notably, budget and dirty. I spent a lot of money for charging a subway card; I think I have paid $120 or more for every single month, which […]

20s Video of 86th Station

무제-3 6.14.37 AM-1ov1x2e The recent 86th Street Station may be considered a real piece of art, as the interior design that includes the exquisite works which were made by Chuck Close. His creative approach to depicting a human face with a high degree of realism led to the creation of the one of the most […]

30 Second Video in The Subway Stations

This video is about my journal from Union Square to Grand Central.

My Own Diagrams of Two Different Rooms

My first bridge project is to create my own diagrams of my current apartment and my childhood apartment.  The first one is my childhood house, and the second one is my current house. I think both diagrams and systems are very clear because I consulted floorplans from the online, and I tried to replicate the […]

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