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I aimed to photograph a powerful motion of human body, which in itself is a rich canvas. I wanted to create a frame that can hold the body’s activeness as well as a circular connection in time between each moment during the motion. The twenty photos are closely linked with one another, and all heavily contribute to presenting one seamless movement. Without even one or two photos, the sequence will lose its tight connectivity.

It was difficult to determine the proper scale of the installation that is in circular format but also show the details of each photo. I chose a small scale considering the spacious width of the installation, but the details such as shades of bones and facial expressions lost their original clarity. A bigger scale and brighter photo-printing would have presented the images in better details, revealing the intricate motions on the torso as part of the bigger, single movement of the whole body. Moreover, if the white foam board was replaced with a black one, the background of the photos would have been better connected, and therefore strengthened the connectivity between the photos.

I experienced the project as a study of human body, its motion, and visual representation of their relation. I learned, a presentation of an object is also its reconstruction and rearrangement.

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