Prototype 1

I use paper and draw the sketches of my interface wireframe. For this prototype, I think it will be a application using on tablet. User will need to use a stylus to write a word, and the pressure data will be recorded. Based on the stroke’s pressure, it will generates a Shan Shui painting.




At the beginning, I want to let user use brush to write on the paper, which is closed to my concept of retrieving traditional culture. But I am concerned the technical problem. However, writing on the tablet seems not strong enough to connect user with writing calligraphy.


Testing Feedback

I let three users to test my prototype (2 Chinese, 1 Portuguese)

  1. The concept is interesting. But what is the key point of this application, learning? practicing?
  2. I don’t know whether I do it correctly (the method of writing calligraphy). It will be helpful to have an tutorial. But the outline, lines you draw inside, and the writing order instruction are helpful.
  3. I want to know what is the meaning of the word I am writing now.