Integrated Studio 2: Assignment #3 – “Sidewalk” Documentary Reflection

Post your reflection on learning portfolio related to the questions:

What information did you learn about the primary character/s in the movie?

What research method/s the filmmakers use in the documentary?

What questions do these videos provoke?

What social support and structure in society you observed?

What problems do you identify in the life of the sidewalk participants?

One important aspect that stood out to me in the documentary was the relevance in selling on the streets. For example, during the occurrence of 911, the man had masks to sell to the people walking on the streets which had a good use of protecting themselves from inhaling toxic smells. I learned that coming up with the relevance of something that could benefit much more in making money.during the documentary, I mainly focused on their way of lifestyle and the understanding of their way of surviving. Never have I thought that street vendors were collecting resources from the sidewalks of New York. In my opinion, I think it is a smart and sustainable way to make money because the collection of books go in a cycle (buying a book from a street vendor and after finish reading, they go back on the sidewalk) which give the street vendors opportunities to discover more. One thing that I think the street vendors struggle through every day is the number of people that will approach their cart. The number may vary depending on the products/books they have for example in the documentary, there was a man that talked about the art piece and how the would help him intrigue people walking by and to get their attention while approaching their cart. From my perspective, I wonder what type of strategy they use to get their customers to buy their books? Overall, I enjoyed watching the documentary and learning the different structure of society.

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