IS2 – Assignment #23 – Ted Talks

Resource, abundance and design
glance see gaze think
“All nature is a disposal of human kind”
Years to build and seconds to destroy
Carbon has become a toxin —caused by us
Find a sustainable way to do things — energy that
Smart design
Second video
In process — take the project apart and deconstruct it
  •  deconstructing it and go into multiple paths and look for unique and unibvious connections
productive ideation and solution thinking
Biomimicry can bring really refreshing perspectives + lead rapidly to innovative and sustainable ideas
Fascinated about what we can learn about nature – need to be open-minded and emerge yourself in it
Biomimicry is a legitimate problem solving and design approach that can be utilized in the design and other places — also a unique selling proposition for your company or business
Third video
Look up to the people that inspire you
Brief that have questions but no answers
Puma bag — redesign which is more sustainable and easy to carry
Further an idea
Sustainability can be practical and fun but have all the attributes other other things that we consume
A good design accelerates the adoption of new ideas
Go out and test it don’t write about it
Experimenting with different materials for prototyping
Eco dematerialization — when you take mass and remove as much as possible and make it as light as possible; 50-60% less heavy and lower carbon footprint
Good to share your process

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