Scyler’s Artist Breakfast

For my artist’s breakfast, I had a toast with mashed avacado and orange juice. 2-12-19 at 8:00 AM

This is my Aunt Neng Neng’s breakfast in the Phillippines.  Eggs, sausage, rice (not shown), cheese with banaana leaves (not shown), eggplant, and torta. 2-12-19 at 8:00 AM (7 PM here)

Scyler’s Oral History Excerpt

Lisa: Do you have any pets?

Scy: Yea, I have three dogs.

Lisa: Woah!


Scy: A yorkie named Marmduke, a mastif named Shea, and a yorkie poo named Hershey.

Lisa: that’s cute! Where did you go last weekend and what did you do?

Scy: last weekend…uh…hmm

Lisa: Just homework?

Scy: Probably homework…uhh..huh.. shit …I have no idea!


Scy: Oh! I hung out with my mom’s cousin. We got boba. Yea.

Favorite Identity Images

These are my favorite images from the portrait/identity project because I feel they represent me best; In the first photo I am wearing my dad’s Irish sweater, in the second I’m painting, and in the third I’m using my mom’s bag from the Philippines.  So, I felt these shots all represented me and my identity in some way.