The Arduino Interfaces with Processing to make a simple sound visualizer!


Made a simple sound visualizer! It reacts primarily to bass. #Processing #Arduino #ChanceTheRapper

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I used a sound impact sensor and a potentiometer to manipulate the processing sketch. Here is the code:

Arduino code is bellow:

int potData = A0;
int sound = 2;
int button = 4;

void setup() {
Serial.begin(57600); //higher baud rate for transfering longer strings of info
pinMode(potData, INPUT);

void loop() {
int potVal1 = analogRead(potData);
int soundVal2 = digitalRead(sound);
int buttonVal3 = digitalRead(button);

//concatenation happens bellow
//data format potVal1, soundVal2, buttonVal3 – this will package multiple bits of data
Serial.print(“|”); //adds a character that lets you separate different bits of data.
Serial.println(buttonVal3); //Ends the batch of data



Processing code is bellow:

import processing.serial.*;

Serial myPort; // Create object from Serial class
int val; // Data received from the serial port

void setup()
size(200, 200);
// I know that the first port in the serial list on my mac
// is always my FTDI adaptor, so I open Serial.list()[0].
// On Windows machines, this generally opens COM1.
// Open whatever port is the one you’re using.
String portName = Serial.list()[0];
myPort = new Serial(this, portName, 9600);

void draw()
if ( myPort.available() > 0) { // If data is available,
val =; // read it and store it in val


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