P2P networks

Lime Wire P2P file sharing service – Similar to the BitTorrent P2P network, it allowed you to download and upload content to websites like The PirateBay. LimeWire has been around for a while, but recently BitTorrent has becoming the leader in P2P networking.

AIM – This is another old one and a fairly simple. AIM was (and I believe still might be….) an online PM chat client that simply allowed you to communicate with anyone else with an AIM account over an internet connection.

LTE/4G – This one is probably one of the most popular a wide spread method of communication. We use our phones to communicate between individuals.

TorBrowser – An example of an interface for connecting to the world wide web as well as the “deep web.” Essentially it is a web browser, but unlike AIM or LTE/4G, it is an actual interface for accessing websites stored on servers.

Interactive Art Installation Idea – Two screen interfaces made up of an array of protruding buttons or actuators. When you press an actuator in on one interface, it pushes out on the opposite interface. Alternatively they could be buttons that controll individual pixels, allowing you to draw something on one interface and have the drawing immediately replicated on the opposite interface over a network communication. Mostly this provides entertainment value because it can be used to communicate with friends or family. Most communication happens in the form of text messaging, but this device allows people to communicate through drawing. It also could help bridge the physical gap between people communicating over a network, especially if actuators were used. As one persons presses an actuator, the opposite user would be able to feel the force/pressure being applied to the actuator. This provides tactile feedback rather than traditional textual/visual feedback which gives it tangibility. I think people like tangibility.




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