Portable MeshPi Prototype 2

Prototype 2 is also constructed form cardboard. This time, I attempted to solve some of the problems of the initial prototype. This model features a removable/attachable case that houses the raspberry pi. The case can be lock into place. On the bottom, a 10k mAh battery is housed in order to balance the weight of the arm.IMAG0060Here you can see that the lid is now unobstructed and can be fully opened. The lid is also closed and sealed with velcro as apposed to a simple cardboard slit. IMAG0061The raspberry pi has its own independent case which allows greater mobility, portability, and protection for the pi. The case can be locked into place on the main arm construction via a pulling/hook mechanism. The mechanism is simple and effective. piCaseAttachmentThis prototype is far from the end product. Even though this one was properly balanced, it was cumbersome to wear. Additionally, if I moved my arm down to my side, it would easily slip off despite using buckles for tightening. The practicality of this gauntlet-like construction has been severely hindered by the size and weight. Though the location makes it easily accessible you are still limited to interacting with the pi using the opposite arm. In a future prototype I may experiment with a clip-on attachment so that you can place it on a back pack or wear it on any sort of strap, similar to how police wear radios on their chest. This will free up both hands and be far less encumbering. Future material construction might be leather, tarp, or 3D printed material  in order to make it waterproof/resistant to weather.

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