Final Memory Mask

For my final memory mask, I was asked to reflect upon my time in New York City thus far, and portray an aspect of myself that most might not know about me. My creative process started with playing around in photoshop and making a mood board about myself. The mood board includes some of my favorite things, my favorite colors, and naturally me rolling my eyes as this is a common theme in my life. There has been so many things to roll my eyes too since moving to New York City. With all of that in mind, I started to plan out what the aspect of myself most might not know about me, and that is that I am everyone’s “mom”. I come and cook my friends dinner, make sure they do their homework, and even helped one of my friends move in. My outward appearance is hard and edgy with a load and a half of eye rolls where as on the inside I am one of the most helpful people you will ever meet. I have a natural instinct to help those around me. For instance, when one of my suit mates didn’t know how to make pasta. I was going to let her figure it out for herself, but every part of me couldn’t not help her. In creation of my mask, I was asked to use Photoshop which is something I only have minimal experience in. To create my final image, I used found images and one of my own drawings. The mask is a full body mask to show a typical “Mom in New York City for the First Time”. I created it as a bobble head to add humor and emphasize my outward appearance of rolling my eyes. Overall I overcame my fear of photoshop, and yes I will still be “mom” to anyone who needs my help.

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