Studio 1 Memory MUSEUM OF THE MOVING IMAGE_Mini-task

From the exhibition,Behind the Screen, select 3 videos and compare them to respond the following question:

1. what is the story told in each video?

The first one is the talk show of a frog.

The second one is a video period of a dinosaur invades someone’s house.

The third one is a lady taking a bus with her friends and sing.

2. how is the story constructed? is it linear? non-linear? 

All of them is linear.

3. Are there any similarities amongst them?

I think they are totally different the first one is a carton, the second one is

4. Any differences?

Their topic, audience, and shooting technique is different



From the installation, The GIF Elevator:

1. how these installation pieces made you feel?

It is a recycle, it is very interesting to see the image repeating again and again.

2. Did you have a strong reaction to one in particular? describe your experience/how it made you feel

When I saw it for a long time it makes me feel dizzy.

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