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The Myth of the Gargoyle

Underneath the structure of the St Mary’s Magdalene church in London lays a secret society of protectors of the city, the order of the Gargoyles. For centuries they have been entrusted with the protection of the city from all forms of harm and with due diligence they have been carrying out their work. 

Adam, the overall leader of the group has a special seat right in front of the large display screen that shows all the activities of the city. The broadcast being received and deciphered by the other members of the team, owing to the new development of technology, their task of protecting the city has become relatively easy as each statue of a gargoyle that’s on top of most buildings within the city has a camera that monitors all the activities that occur on the streets while there is a guardian right next to the statue ready for action. The team is always in constant communication with state of the art communication phones and wireless radios.

But getting to their hideout isn’t an easy task; there are secret doors that are hidden in plain sight with the aid of the latest technology. There are optical scanners that would allow one access in addition to the physical security that is always around the vicinity of the church. Adam always carries around his laser weapon with him just in case a scouting situation turns ugly since the population of the city of London is growing. As much as he is a law keeper he tries as much to avoid harming any human beings while conducting his work.


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