Sem Memory_ Statement


I think at the beginning, I do not really understand how the studio and seminar connect with each other, however, though the time past, I understand that actually seminar is kind of individual course, although the title of our project is same, the whole stuff is totally different. The seminar is most like to write and develop the idea. Moreover, I think it is useful for me to take these classes. It makes me think about the background of my project and the deeper meaning of them. In this case, I can create more meaningful projects. Moreover, in this class, I understand how to use words to describe my work, how to make a magazine and the development of the essay. Actually, the final essay that we wrote, I didn’t write that much page before, I think it is also one of my improves in this class. But I don’t really know the connection of some assignments such as the create our own magic, I don’t know if it connects to the bridges. Maybe, I think we can focus more on our bridges. It can make it easier to undersand our main project. But the whole class is really meaningful and useful for me.

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