Final Project brainstorm

Topic- interior design and Architecture

Creating a puzzle that people can build up their spaces.


Pledge Turn Prestige

“Who do you like”- mini magic trick.

First, as you can see is a plain white paper; no dot or no stuff was drawn. Right now, I split this plain paper as nice pieces. Let one of the audience come here, to write down the person’s name (who she/he like) and rub as small ball and throw into the glass water cup. Lastly, remain eight pieces, let the audience write down different people’s name, same as the first one (rub as small ball and throw into the glass water cup. Finally, finish all the writing. I use a pen to mix the paper inside the glass water cup and pour out all the nice pieces of paper that the audience wrote. I find out the audience wrote (who do you like).

The main part of this magic trick is how to split paper.

Make paper as three rows and three columns, and make sure know where is the paper location. Then, split paper from the right side first and the left side. Put them into a column; the center 258 pieces paper put the bottom. Splits again from right 7 first and the left side. The last paper will be 5, put the 5 on the top of all the paper. Why? Only the serrations that have been torn around the “5” sides allow the audience to hand over to the audience the top piece.

Invisible Cities



Every time when I walk to 32nd Street in midtown of Manhattan, I feel loneliness in the Korean Way due to I left from my mother country, China. The stores that settle at Ktown with full of crow and busy people. I didn’t have a close friend that I can hang out with and talk to it in New York City. One day, when walking at 32nd Street, at that moment, I pop out one idea that I want to change myself as a happy person. I can’t stay memorized the past when I in China. I have to get involve and use to a new condition that I living now. Ktown (Korean Way) in New York City is a street that replaces spiritual style of Myeong- Dong, Korea. In the street, you can see many small restaurants, a food court, a Korean supermarket, and other glossier stores. There are multiple stores in one building. For example, the 1st floor of the building will be a bookstore, but the 2nd floor or third floor will be a restaurant and basement will be a bar. In a street, you can see many of logo or sign of the store. Therefore, I’m planning to try different restaurants, activities and get around with new people around me.


Precious Images (1986)

This story shows the golden time period in America and its industrial period. People are happy in dancing and the background music is a fast and soft style. The story is non-linear by the different style and different people dancing.

The GIF Elevator

Four screens in the elevator can the installation that in the screen creates a liquid form to one screen and other screens. The video is linear because when the installation moves, you will predict what the next step of the installation in the screen.

League of Legends 2015

This video talks about how to process in the game with five characters; each character symbol as one player. This needs great teamwork. The video is linear because the speaker was talking about the process of the game and you can see the screen about the next step.

Same or Different?

Three videos are the different format in the screen, however, the focus point of the video is the same by the movement and the background sound.


The GIF Elevator:

The installation pieces made me feel very cool because installation on the screen will show around three seconds and transfer to other screens. You can’t make any predictions about how the installation moves one to another. I didn’t feel any strong reaction in the elevator, because I didn’t spend a lot of time in the elevator. Therefore, I didn’t have a strong reaction due to the installation in the elevator.


Asking Multiple Questions

The relationship with my cousin as same as a weird relationship like Fleur Jaeggy wrote. When we were young around study in elementary school. I’m older than him; two years. We play all the time due to I was coming to the United State as a new immigrant. My aunt brought us went to many places to play or visit. However, these childhood memories are passed. We both are growing up. We didn’t like to talk about each, because we both have a little secret in our mind. We feel different between our social group. For example, I like to play with native Chinese people, and he likes to play with his friend from his class. In addition, we only meet in family dinner time or some of the holiday event. The rest of the time, we didn’t meet each other. Moreover, I like to hand out with my friend or go outside to visit or play; my cousin, he likes to stay home play with his video game and contact with his friend play same friend. Therefore, as we grow up. Our personality was changed and behavior.

When my cousin going to high school as a freshman. Every time in our communication I always ask him a question that makes him feel awake. Such as I was asking him Do you have some of closer relationship with others? Yes, my friend, he answered. I mean heterosexual. Yeah. How about do you have someone that you likes? No. This kind of question reply all the time when I talk to him. Moreover, I also like to ask him about his grade in school, because I know some of the teacher that teaches him and his grade isn’t great. The teacher wants me to catch up on his work. because it will affect his final GPA in high school. It makes me feel I’m a spy that looking at him to everything when he needs to do.

Time Square

My favorite place in New York is Time Square

  1. The most attract in site plan of Time Square is four level separation of the right triangle. The last and small triangle in Time Square is a three-way intersection shaped like an “hourglass”. When you stand at the center of Time Square, it makes you feel the time is moving fast due to the ads on the big screen are changing and people are moving.
  2. When I walk out the subway station, I have seen many colors pop out into my eyes and transfer to my brain about “Modernization”. The ads from the big screen will hold in a few second and changing to other ads. The ads will not repeat.
  3. When you walk at Time square, you will see many different cartoon characters that people decorate and let you take some photo will them. I remember when I first come to New York, my aunt brought my cousin and I go to Time Square, we took a photo with a Statue of Liberty. The Statue of Liberty gives me and my cousin one of the tools for taking the photo. It’s very fun!
  4. I remember near to Time square, there was a store called Toys “R” Us. In the store, you will see a mini Ferris wheel around the fourth floor high. At the third floor, there are many dragon toys at that time. When you walk in and you will see a huge dinosaur demo and create a weird and scared sound. The eyes of dinosaur will turn to red, which is very scared.
  5. In the street, you will see many of stall at the corner of the street. They mostly sell some of the items that symbol as New York. For example, I saw a mug with I love New York symbol or a hoodie with New York on the center of the hoodie. This mostly sells to the visitor who comes to New York as a trip and buys some of the souvenirs.
  6. I remember in 2016, my dad brought me to Time square to see the new year ball fall in the center of Time Square. The day of December 31, 2015, the street and square are crowded in the year, because many people come to the square to celebrate the new year come. I see many of bar or restaurant is full of people due to people have a new year party. I brought a new year “2016” sunglass as a symbol of celebrating new year come.
  7. Not only I like Time square as a New Yorker, I think my friend like too. Each one of them come to New York, the first thing they do is going to Time square to see what amazing and great economic center of New York.
  8. In the space of Time square, I will sigh what amazing urban architecture structure will see in my view. Maybe my major is architectural design, every time I walk at Time Square I always have a different thought about the building that around me. The building is high which makes a sense of street is thin and crowded; the people are small like ants walking on the ground.
  9. Back of center Time Square has a “Yankee” seller store, which sells some of Yankees shirt and hats. I and my friend had been there once, we both make a unique hat as a gift for us. We both chose one of the colors of a hat and left of hat we design a nickname and our name on it. This is symbolic to me and my friend. Right now, when I wear that hat, I always remember that moment with my best friend.
  10. At Time square you will see a huge sign of McDonald’s next to the big screen ads. The word of McDonald’s is very bright to the view of others screen. It makes people feel and know, there is McDonald’s here. This McDonald store opens 24 hours a day. How do I know? I had been there once with my family. I brought a medium size of French fried and a small size cup of soda. It’s is my snake of that day.

Coffee Cup

In the interview, I ask some of the personal questions and fun questions to my partner, because I need to understand him and know him well to design a special artifact that represents to him. The question that I ask him, it brings out his personality and behavior in the society or world. In the other hand, my partner, he asks me some of the questions that have some of the similar questions like mine, but the answer will be different because both we have different view or idea. Some of the questions that he asks me is “what kind of question that you ask yourself every day? Why?” This question very interesting to me and let me think very deeply about myself. Everyone in their daily will not often ask self a question and what he/she will do in a day. I respond to this question is how can I to be great than the past? This question over and over in my head, I feel this question didn’t have a specific answer of this question in my mind, due to having multiple answers that different moment or mood changes my answer. The second question makes me feel curious is “how many times a day do you look at yourself in the mirror?” I didn’t count how many times when I am looking at the mirror, because sometimes I look at the mirror for fixing my outfit and sometimes I look at the mirror when wakeup or go to sleep. I think my partner asking me this question is wanting to know am I confidence person.

My partner, he talks about his hometown in China which near to the ocean. He grows up in a sea city call Ningbo. In that city, it maintains many of the histories of Southern China. For example, the building from the past is the black roof and white wall. It was very different than in Northern China. In this knowledgeable city, he learns a lot of history and living habit. He likes to be social with others because he thinks a friend can help him a lot in a different situation. In his word “Friend is a person or a group of people who can play around and know you a lot different view than you in your family.” For example, if you have a difficult situation in school or outside, they can help you right away. However, when he faces some of the problems that a friend can’t help him. His strategy of solving question is to be “calm down”. Calm down makes the best way to think logic and carefully when he has trouble. He likes to wear a suit because he feels this can makes others think he is professional and looks good fit of his body. In addition, it relates to his major – strategic design and management. This major relates to his personality, such as he likes to be social with people can like to wear a suit as a businessman. When he comes to the USA, he didn’t know a lot of stuff in America. However, his holster parent treats him as their own kid which build up a good memory when he comes to the United State.  The city – New York means to him as “New World” because, in New York, he feels very curious about different things and makes a lot of friend from a different country. As he answers to my question, I feel I have many ideas

pop out from my head to design a unique artifact to represent him.

The artifact that I create a symbol of my partner is a paper coffee cup. The coffee cup symbol as he likes to be social. The outlay of the cup has multiple numbers to represent him like math. In addition, the cupholder will laser a poem by his favorite author from China. On the top of straw has a number three as his lucky number. The cup can’t open, and it will release many worlds language word from inside to side. The straw will be close can’t take up. Moreover, the interior of the coffee cup will put some of LEGO to symbols as his childhood.

Question list:

  1. What is your background? How this background makes you be proud of?
  2. When you as a child, what are some of the things that you want to accomplish or achieve? Such toy? Game?
  3. Do you like to be social? Why?
  4. When you have some of the difficult situations happen to you, what are some things or strategy help you resolve the problem?
  5. What kind of style do you like to wear? Why? Color?
  6. What are some experience or stories that happen to you when you come to the USA?
  7. What is New York mean to you?
  8. If you won the lottery, what is the first thing you like to do? Why?
  9. What is your favorite food? Any story behind?
  10. When you graduate from college, what is your next step?