1.Sound Visualization

Starting with our own experience of living in the city, we found out that there were many noises around us, for instance, the subway sound and the construction sound. At the beginning, we were thinking to make a product which can divide you from the noises. With a simple click, the product could change the noise into some pleasant sounds. However, we found out that there was an existing product like this now. 

As a result, we started to think another solution. If we can’t change the noise itself, how about using it to create something pleasant. Therefore we came up with the idea of sound visualization. According to different sound’s tons and volume, we used different colors and brushes to represent. Moreover, the color showed the mood. The red color represented very strong and loud noise. In contrast, the blue or brighter color represents the small and quiet sound. 


  • Think more critically. 
  • Need more specific concept.
  • Does the aesthetic style have any meaning?
  • Decoding v.s encoding vs transcoding
  • Art or commercial?
  • The location and sound -> ex: skyline and soundwave

Going back to the initial “sound” concept, we were thinking about communication. Qinwen shared her personal experience about being surveillance while taking on the phone with her mother. It lead us to the topic about counter-surveillance. 

We might be surveilled because of the communication system, which was being processed by the third person. In the past, people use letter or face-to-face communication. There were fewer chances to be monitored. As a result, we came up with the installation that created a direct communication with two users and wanted to arouse their awareness of surveillance. 

  • private in public
  • Data/Metadata/Encryption
  • Analog v.s digital
  • Analog experience can’t be encoded and decoded
  • The way we document can’t capture users true reactions. (Schrodinger’s Cat/ Heisenberg’s principle if uncertainty)
 3.ASMR+restaurant experience

Based on the previous prototype, we discovered that users are very impressive with the sound effect made by the pipe. We dig more into the reason why people like it. There was an effect called ASMR(Autonomous sensory meridian response). It is an experience characterized by a static-like or tingling sensation on the skin. It is most commonly triggered by specific acoustic, visual and digital media stimuli. 

We found out there were lots of ASMR videos on youtube.

It was a new trend. Therefore, it came to our third iteration. We combined ASMR with VR restaurant experience. 

  • video quality
  • social aesthetic of food