Space & Materiality: Project #3 – FINAL

Project #3

Project Description:

Despite the fact that we are living in large and crowded cities it seems we are losing the sense of face to face human interaction and rely
mostly on social media outlets. In this final project, students will work in groups of three and will select a designated space to display 3 light
fixtures or an installation. Each student in the group will be responsible to design and make a fixture or a part of the installation. The fixtures will
be displayed as a collection and will be related to each other thematically – conceptually, or by the use of materials, form, etc.

The methodology of the structure: Thinking how you can produce small components that come together to form something that is larger than
the sum of its parts. Students will research Biomimicry and constructed habitat in nature. How the ecological approach is related to design. How the structure and materials in nature and used by animals/insects.

Research how the light fixtures can help with the social interaction? How light influence our mood? How can it influence our experience space? How can it enhance the senses? How can it change a space? Touch, sound, smell, etc.


Some brainstorming sketches:


Incorporate rainbow, crystal, and shapes.


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