Polyhedron project –waterfall


Polyhedron project



I drew few sketches before start my project, I finally decided to make a constructed waterfall.

I made few plans and made some paper models to see if my idea is possible.

I wanted to make my waterfall just using trainangles

But my idea is to complicated to finish


Then I simplified my traingleses

but the result is not that attractive, therefore, I totally changed my mind, and construct  my model like constructing an architecture using tetrahedrons and polygons.

I calculate all datas, and made my paper model



I wanted to show the flow and the transparency of water, so I decided to use plastic and metal as my materials.

I once tried to make my transparent part in one part, but I failed for two times, so I still make these polyhedrons separately.

Then I made the metal parts.


I combined these two parts together.

(I also add stones at the bottom, in order to make my models stands on their own)


I sanding the metal to simulate the texture of water, and make it can reflect light from different directions.


Here is my final work.



and audiences can play with it.

Subway problem solve model


Subway problem solving model



My design used to solve overcrowded problem. However, I changed my idea before I make my model. I still want to upgrade the subway train, but not just to solve the overcrowded problem, but also change its environment, make passenger have a safer, bigger, and more comfortable train.


Here is my sketch and ideas.




Design points

  • Pointed head. Make the train faster
  • Electrical energy and maglev train. Safe more energy at the same time be faster.
  • The ground and ceiling are all LED light screen. Make the space visually bigger, provide passenger with more relax environment. Also, save more energy for illuminating the train.
  • Discolored glass large door. It is a strong material, let passengers know how many people inside the train, and at station, so they can move to other door. Easily fit more passengers to get in and out.
  • Door at different place two sides. Help to disperse passengers.
  • Foldable seats. More flexible use of the space, and help to fit more passengers at peak time.



I made this design based on many researches, and I combined some advantages in different cities’ subway systems, and elevate these ideas. For example


  • I inspired by the decoration from Hangzhou’s subway system.
  • The shape and the energy choice of the car is inspired by the maglev train.
  • The seats design reference the New York new subway car’s design.
Here is the process of making the model



I first simply make the model using plastic board


I used different material to make doors and car body, and I used transparent plastic to show the texture of glass.



I add very thin LED to simulate the illumination condition of my design.



I did some changes after talking to the teacher

  • I add one more layer to simulate how the car runs. Also It makes the platform more clear.
  • I add colors on the train to define each part.



I use acrylic to create the feeling of lake, and it will have different effect with the LED light. Also colors have different meanings, so I make a diagram guide.

Diagram guide
  • Green yellow – Safety place for passengers
  • Red – driving cab space
  • black, dark yellow – track


In the contrast, in order to show the light effect, and the feeling of movable photo, I used markers and painted the drawing on plastic paper.

I cut out the car model



For the track, I also used combined and complex color to show the high speed of the subway. Actually, I think the track in the future should be also modern and clean. It should be maglev instead of normal metal track.



Then I connect these two part together.



Here is my final model, and my idea.


subway problems and solutions

Subway problems and solutions


I once saw a photo on the internet, a man hanging between two subway cars in order to leave 157th street station. This station just faced a massive delay, and the whole station are in full capacity. All trains come in the station are full of people, therefore, this guy had to use the last resort to “get in” the train. Passengers overcrowded is always a crucial problem for nyc subway system since this is a system that “takes 8.5 million people to work, school, and to dates on Saturday night”, and a system that promote economic progress( change to data). Overcrowded passengers can cause many problems,  the whole system might paralysis, and more importantly, it might cause many dangers, not just for passengers, but also MTA workers.  MTA has come up with many solutions to solve this problem, one idea  is to upgraded the subway cars. I do think this is one of the most efficient way to solve passengers overcrowded problem.

Here is my sketches 

👆passenger diagram

Ideas of upgrading the car

  1. change the dangerous path between two cars, and create more space for passengers.
  2. change the platform of the whole train,
  3. elevate some equipments.
  4. build bigger doors.