subway problems and solutions

Subway problems and solutions


I once saw a photo on the internet, a man hanging between two subway cars in order to leave 157th street station. This station just faced a massive delay, and the whole station are in full capacity. All trains come in the station are full of people, therefore, this guy had to use the last resort to “get in” the train. Passengers overcrowded is always a crucial problem for nyc subway system since this is a system that “takes 8.5 million people to work, school, and to dates on Saturday night”, and a system that promote economic progress( change to data). Overcrowded passengers can cause many problems,  the whole system might paralysis, and more importantly, it might cause many dangers, not just for passengers, but also MTA workers.  MTA has come up with many solutions to solve this problem, one idea  is to upgraded the subway cars. I do think this is one of the most efficient way to solve passengers overcrowded problem.

Here is my sketches 

👆passenger diagram

Ideas of upgrading the car

  1. change the dangerous path between two cars, and create more space for passengers.
  2. change the platform of the whole train,
  3. elevate some equipments.
  4. build bigger doors.

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