Subway problem solve model


Subway problem solving model



My design used to solve overcrowded problem. However, I changed my idea before I make my model. I still want to upgrade the subway train, but not just to solve the overcrowded problem, but also change its environment, make passenger have a safer, bigger, and more comfortable train.


Here is my sketch and ideas.




Design points

  • Pointed head. Make the train faster
  • Electrical energy and maglev train. Safe more energy at the same time be faster.
  • The ground and ceiling are all LED light screen. Make the space visually bigger, provide passenger with more relax environment. Also, save more energy for illuminating the train.
  • Discolored glass large door. It is a strong material, let passengers know how many people inside the train, and at station, so they can move to other door. Easily fit more passengers to get in and out.
  • Door at different place two sides. Help to disperse passengers.
  • Foldable seats. More flexible use of the space, and help to fit more passengers at peak time.



I made this design based on many researches, and I combined some advantages in different cities’ subway systems, and elevate these ideas. For example


  • I inspired by the decoration from Hangzhou’s subway system.
  • The shape and the energy choice of the car is inspired by the maglev train.
  • The seats design reference the New York new subway car’s design.
Here is the process of making the model



I first simply make the model using plastic board


I used different material to make doors and car body, and I used transparent plastic to show the texture of glass.



I add very thin LED to simulate the illumination condition of my design.



I did some changes after talking to the teacher

  • I add one more layer to simulate how the car runs. Also It makes the platform more clear.
  • I add colors on the train to define each part.



I use acrylic to create the feeling of lake, and it will have different effect with the LED light. Also colors have different meanings, so I make a diagram guide.

Diagram guide
  • Green yellow – Safety place for passengers
  • Red – driving cab space
  • black, dark yellow – track


In the contrast, in order to show the light effect, and the feeling of movable photo, I used markers and painted the drawing on plastic paper.

I cut out the car model



For the track, I also used combined and complex color to show the high speed of the subway. Actually, I think the track in the future should be also modern and clean. It should be maglev instead of normal metal track.



Then I connect these two part together.



Here is my final model, and my idea.


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