Polyhedron project –waterfall


Polyhedron project



I drew few sketches before start my project, I finally decided to make a constructed waterfall.

I made few plans and made some paper models to see if my idea is possible.

I wanted to make my waterfall just using trainangles

But my idea is to complicated to finish


Then I simplified my traingleses

but the result is not that attractive, therefore, I totally changed my mind, and construct  my model like constructing an architecture using tetrahedrons and polygons.

I calculate all datas, and made my paper model



I wanted to show the flow and the transparency of water, so I decided to use plastic and metal as my materials.

I once tried to make my transparent part in one part, but I failed for two times, so I still make these polyhedrons separately.

Then I made the metal parts.


I combined these two parts together.

(I also add stones at the bottom, in order to make my models stands on their own)


I sanding the metal to simulate the texture of water, and make it can reflect light from different directions.


Here is my final work.



and audiences can play with it.

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