Pink Exhibition

Pink Exhibition reflection

This is a well structured Christian Dior Man’s suit. Designer Kim Jones designed this suit. I think pink is an elegant color no matter for men or women. I think the belt makes this suit very appropriate in pink. It has traditional clean tailoring feeling from Dior, at the same time, very delicate. My interpretation is pretty similar to this suit’s owner’s idea. Just like him (Hamish Bowies) mentioned in the description :“ I love the archive Dior reference and the fact that it seemed like an elegant contemporary take on Jay Gatsby’s famed pink suit.”1 This color makes this suit very difference. I remember in the reading form Fashion and Culture studies, Susan. B. Kaiser mentioned that Pink used to be the color for the boy, and blue was the color for a girl. I  think this piece explains this idea perfectly. The meaning of a color changes through time, just like said by the curator of this exhibition:” The symbolism and significance of pink have varied greatly across time and space.” 2
Today, this suit as a modern interpretation for pink is really challenging and persuasive, in my opinion. Since this color is harmonious with the suit and “it  against ‘the color’s inherent ambivalence.’ “3
1.”Exhibition: Pink: The History of a Punk, Pretty, Powerful Color,” FIT, New York
2.”Exhibition: Pink: The History of a Punk, Pretty, Powerful Color – Opens,” FIT Newsroom. November 17, 2017. Accessed November 19, 2018.


Soft Structure

Zero waste garment


This is my mood board
I really want to create something full of fluidity
Here is my sketch
I tried first using muslin. I didn’t like the feeling of pleats at first, therefore, I sewed on the edge of pleats.
I do think it looks better.
Because I want to choose the fabric with the strength to hold the structure, also have the flow feeling. Fabric choice become my biggest challenge. therefore, I made a actual fabric sample based on the fabric that I choose on the mood board.


I start draping my garment
Connecting all parts


Hem and clean all the edges


Here is my final look






Reflection on Room Ekphrasis project

 Room Ekphrasis project reflection

/This is my final article/

The warmth of New York

Yiren Zhou

Jan. 28. 2018


Sitting at my favorite place of the room, that is the corner surrounded by window. I started to play one of my favorite music, lonely from John Waits. His magnetic voice is so deep, so deep that I was like being drawn into endless sea waves. I always put on my hand-woven gray and white blanket, I like the feeling of wool keeping touching my skin, it is a little bit itchy, but very comfortable.


I always sit on the chaise longue and watch the sunset, sometimes sunrise, if I get up early. There are many thin hairs on the black cover of the chaise longue. The black cover makes these white hairs more eye-catching, even seems a little bit dirty. This is actually not a well made blanket. It was made by the cheapest wool I bought on the internet, but I always wear it, it becomes a habit, every time I feel cold, I will think about the blanket. It is company for me in cold New York. The most comfortable gesture for me is to lay on the chaise longue, and put my feet on the round wooden table. There are some scratches on the edge of the desktop, because I move the table all the time, and things on that table change all the time too: candles, socks, and today is my medicine for the throat.


The lamp is the only illumination in this room. I like the warm blurry light from this lamp, there is a hallo at the edge of the light. It looks like a rainbow, a rainbow of my own. This only lamp in the room can slightly illuminate every thing. It illuminates the wall that I used to want to filled with fashion painting, but now it is covered with many word lists. It illuminates my white wooden table where always accumulates with different kind of things: my lipstick, my books, and my watercolor brushes. My parents always tell me to sort out my room, I used to ignore their words, but now I sort out my things every week. I miss my parents’ complains, and I miss their nags. It illuminates my jewelry boxes under the windowsill next to the air conditioner. Some of my golden jewelries will reflect the light, and they look like little stars be trapped in acrylic boxes.

The air conditioner starts to scream again. The tick-tuck sometimes is harsh, sometimes like music, and it has rhythm. The sound form the fire truck also began to maneuver in my ear, I hate these two sound play together, they are just so annoying. however, when they stop, I start to feel I miss something.


My bed faces my desk, the desk is a reminder for me, to remind me what to do on every morning. Not like the flat clean white sheet in the hotel, I prefer to keep my quilt loosely on my bed. The corner of the quilt hangs on the bedside. The quilt prints with tropical plants in low saturation. I always feel relief when I see the tree because this is one of the most rarest thing in New York. I lay on my bed,I put my head on my white pillow which contains the light sent of lemon. I feel I am sinking in the mattress. I can see my best friend every time when I turn my head, this is a ting sheep I bought in New Zealand. She has been with me for seven years, his white fur start to be beige right now, and there start to have line balls on her nose, I always try to clean them up but I never did.


I close the only light in my room, now I am able to enjoy the most beautiful part in my room. I turned my head to another direction, I can see New York shines in the darkness. The only thing I can hear is the sound of my peaceful breath, and the only thing I can smell is the sent of lemon. I start to feel New York is not cold and lonely anymore. The night is not totally black, but deep blue with purple. The poles on buildings look like unicorn’s angle, the only difference is that these poles shine in different colors. The light rends the sky. The frame of these buildings are blurry, different kind of warm light boxes combine together. The whole city feels like be embraced by warm. The light boxes are in different shapes and brightness, some are dazzle, but some are gentle. Lights keep flashing. Some lights extinguish, some lights ignite. May be there is someone who can’t fall

asleep, just like me. Sometimes there are horn voice, but I don’t think it is annoying. I feel this city is alive, it is not lonely, and I am not lonely.

/My reflection/
I think it is a new but amazing experience for me to write an article in this way, I think it is also a lesson for me. I learned to observe things in details, and write them in details. Actually I thought I could not write an article about my room in 750 words. I was worried. However, when I started to observe my room, and really feel my room, I think 750 words is totally not enough, and I realize a room contains so much of my emotion. I think one hour was totally worth it. I wrote about 5 pages note based on my observation. I didn’t have the chance to write all details in my room, so I chose some important part in my room. I think I should have write notes in a simple way, since I lose much time on writing the note. There are some deep information are lost, or say I could have write more deep feelings.
About time of writing, because I wrote many notes when I looked at my room, so I finished the article very quickly. I used one and a half hour finish the first draft. However, I think I should have spent more time on checking gramma mistakes. I did checked my article after I finish it on the second subway brochure project. I corrected many gramma mistakes, and reorganize the article. I think it is a good habit.

Subway: Light

Bridge 2A- Subway Video and Animation

.Here is my link of my final project.

 My inspiration comes from lights in the subway station, I really think all lights in the subway station were considered thoughtfully before place them: the place, the direction, and the color. Therefore, I want to express lights in a new way, so I used special lenses to shot the video, and light is displayed from new perspective.  I also want to create contrast, for example, color contrast: blue and yellow, also brightness contrast: bright with dime.
Also, I want to express subway lines in an abstract way, I think subway lines are similar to lights. One brightest spot spread out, and create its own system. Therefore, my image for subway system likes scattered light, but you can still find the feature of subway lines. Also all colors come from MTA official color which match the light color in the video.


Soft Structure, Third assignment

 Soft Structure:

            third assignment

/Bag making/

This is the sketch of my design

Mood board

I want to combine white denim with eyelet together, also leave the edges of fabric be rough.

I made the pattern first

before make the big model, I made a small smaple

then make the actual size model

After making the model, I found some problems with my pattern, so I made some small changes.

  1. Make the shoulder strap longer for 2 inches
  2. Change the shape of the bottom of the bag

Here is my final model

The mini bag can be placed in different ways.


Then I place my pattern on the fabric, and cut them all, also mark some signs.



Then I practice place the zipper.

Here is my small sample of the mini bag.


before I start to sew, I overlock al eh edges, and make marks

I place my pocket before assemble all piece

Also the handle

I cross sewing the handle, in order to let it be able to handle heavy weight

also place all gromets.


assemble the bag

and iron it order to make inside part be flat and clean, also easy to sew the edges

I also double sew the heading in order to make my bag be more strong

I constructed the bottom of my small bag.

 and cut the extra edge.

Add claps in order to hold the bag tighter

Last, make rough edges, and clean all seams.

Here is my final and details


water color figure practice

water color figure practice


This is my first painting

I practice more single figures



Then I did some peer figures


In different color


I start to create poses


And I become more free to create, and express my feelings.









Here are some work I did in class with model.
 I feel not confident at first, but I think I did better at last.


self portrait


Self Portrait


This is my final work, there are two girls in this painting

/The rose flower girl/

she looks innocent, pure and beautiful. Her heart is as clean as crystal. She is delicate, just like rose flower, but also warm hearted, just like like fire.

/The clown girl/

She is not a pretty girl, but she is very cool, and has strong personality. There are very dark and evil part in her heart, she looks like a clown, always smiling, but you will never know what is her real thought.
.But, these two girls are not real me, there are some clues inside the painting, the girl is upside down, there is frame around the painting, and there is a “truth” (This is my first tattoo, and it represent me)in the painting.



In all, this is the true me.




Here is my first version





In this painting, I used 8 elements

.For the rose flower girl
crystal(which is my favourite material)/water color/ marker /flowers/
.For the clown girl
water color/ marker/ clown symbol/ word/
A frame for the whole picture





This is my plan before I start to paint, and I made some alternative scheme.









I think there are dark and light sides in my heart, and I want to use watercolor to express my emotion, so I took a photo of myself in shadow.




I draw the face in golden ratio






and use water color to draw it. I left the rose flower girl as the light side.





I tried different ways to paint the hair, I once wanted to use marker for both girls,
but I found water color works better for the rose flower girl.





  Then I used pencil, water color to draw the eye, and changed its color in photoshop to math the color in the whole painting.





Then I took some crystal pictures, and use photoshop to match them on the face


I paint background for the next step
I drew different flowers


I scanned them in photoshop, and made some changes
I tried to create them into different feelings.



I also tried water color, but it didn’t work very well


For the clown girl, I created some clown faces



At last, I combined all these elements, and added the fame and the “truth”.



Wire Word

Studio: Memory

Second assignment

Wire Word

‘We identify the meaning of each word and analyze it.
Then, we pick the meaning of each word shown in the whole sentence



                               used specially before a none


                                       Railroads, a self-propelled, connected rolling stock


                                                  to exist or live, the past tense


After analyzing each word, we design the typeface according to the meanings.
We decide to connect all three words together.



Since “the” is like a foundation in the sentence, we design it to make it like a frame, and it is three dimensional, so it looks more powerful.
Train is always moving, so we design “train” in a fluent way,  and make the words looks like they are flowing.
To combined three words, we try to make “was” looks like  the steam from the train, and make it really fluffy. In this way, “was” can represent steam, also it can show the time is in the past.
We just draw them on paper at first and the result is not good. The shape of the word is not clear, so we design the words on the computer, print them out, and do some interesting collages.
Then, we create the words using wire at the base of the printed words
“The” is the most difficult one, because we make it in 3D, and we need to make it very clean and clear in order to show the frame. So we try in lots of ways. We decide to connect each part with little hook and roll them tightly together with thiner wires. 
 Here is our final work
In the whole process, we were always trying the best solution, and we got lots of experience from it. We know the best tools to deal with wire, we learn to connected wires in an elegant way, and  we know how to print our work in a bigger size. It is all about learning and progressing. I used to think the final work is the most important thing, but I feel the process is also important, because we could learn from it and use the experience of it into the next work.



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