Subway: Light

Bridge 2A- Subway Video and Animation

.Here is my link of my final project.

 My inspiration comes from lights in the subway station, I really think all lights in the subway station were considered thoughtfully before place them: the place, the direction, and the color. Therefore, I want to express lights in a new way, so I used special lenses to shot the video, and light is displayed from new perspective.  I also want to create contrast, for example, color contrast: blue and yellow, also brightness contrast: bright with dime.
Also, I want to express subway lines in an abstract way, I think subway lines are similar to lights. One brightest spot spread out, and create its own system. Therefore, my image for subway system likes scattered light, but you can still find the feature of subway lines. Also all colors come from MTA official color which match the light color in the video.


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