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The Field Recordist – Film

Lawrence Barker has finished his audiovisual autobiography, The Field Recordist. This film is a personal reflection of my own passion for audio field recording over the past 45 years. All film audio is from recorded narrative and original captured field recordings and does not contain fabricated or synthesized audio, or non-field recorded music. Any layered audio tracks will be individually recognised, such…Continue Reading The Field Recordist – Film

A Beginner’s Guide To…Field Recording

The history of field recording is central to the development of electronic music, with artists – from Eno through Scanner to Burial – drawing on its theories and strategies to create distinctive soundworlds. Lawrence English – boss of the long-running Room40 imprint, and the man behind this year’s exceptional Wilderness of Mirrors – presents this beginner’s guide to…Continue Reading A Beginner’s Guide To…Field Recording

Henri Chopin on the radio

Coincidentally, there was a nice segment of Henri Chopin on the radio on Friday. Other highlights include some classic NYC traffic noise behind the Dion McGregor spoken piece and works by Michael Pisaro. I’m not familiar with Mr. Pisaro, but the phrase “score for field recordings” jumped out at me from his bio. See the…Continue Reading Henri Chopin on the radio